Why Should You Use Memberium for ActiveCampaign?

Memberium for ActiveCampaign is made up of seven core components that make it the easiest, most effective way to build a membership site or course that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on its own.

Memberium being built on these seven core components, is why it’s used and trusted by many of the world’s top marketers and thousands of other successful business owners. Memberium currently supports over 22,000,000 members across the globe on over 6,000 sites.

When you have all seven of the core components that Memberium’s built on working together, you get a powerful membership site or course that will automatically generate new sales for you. Deliver an amazing experience for your members while it simultaneously allows you to create more recurring revenue for your business.

It will also empower you to share your knowledge with the world and impact your students’ lives by sharing your expertise with them through your Memberium site.

That’s why we created Memberium and that’s what you’ll get when you use Memberium to run your site. Here’s an overview of the seven core components that make Memberium so powerful and effective as a membership platform…

This isn’t like any other platform that supposedly “integrates” with ActiveCampaign. Memberium was built to work exclusively with ActiveCampaign from the ground up.

Being based on what top marketers wanted, combined with being built exclusively for ActiveCampaign, you get an infinite number of options that you can use to automate your membership or course reliably.

The Membership Site Builder allows you to create a basic membership site or course in less than 15 minutes.

It will walk you through installing Memberium, creating your first new member welcome campaign and creating all the pages you need to run your site!

Memberium allows you to sell an unlimited number of courses, memberships, or any number of digital products to an unlimited number of people. All while being able to deliver your customers access to them after they’ve been purchased automatically

If you can dream up an offer to sell, you’ll be able to sell and fulfill it efficiently (and automatically) with Memberium.

A big misconception with starting a membership site or online course is you need to be a coding expert or a WordPress guru. The truth is if you can use Facebook, you can also build your own course or membership site with Memberium. 

You don’t have to know any code or have any prior WordPress experience to get started. It’s easy to protect any piece of content by just clicking a box on a page.

Instead of creating another “all-in-one”, “throw-it-all-in-the-kitchen-sink” membership plugin that’s heavily loaded down with unnecessary features. We only focus on what we do best, which is allowing you to run a fast, automated course or membership site that you can depend on. 

Memberium takes a unified approach in working with other WordPress plugins and WordPress standards so you can do what you want with your site and have the flexibility to work with other “best in class” WordPress plugins.

A common problem with membership sites or courses is the more people that join, the slower your site gets. Especially if they supposedly “integrate” with ActiveCampaign. With our Featherweight API usage you can kiss any performance problems like that goodbye. 

Our FeatherWeight API usage allows you to run a fast, high-performance membership site that you can count on whether you have just a few users, or hundreds of thousands of paying members who depend on your site. 

The more flexible your business is, ultimately the more power and strength you’ll have. If your business is too stiff or rigid, that’s bound to prevent you from growing and cause problems.

Today, rapid change can happen overnight – with technology, in your market, with your competitors or the economy. When you’re unable to change how your course or membership site works, that can be a huge opportunity cost for you and your business.

What You'll Get When You Get Started With Memberium For ActiveCampaign...

A membership site or course that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on its own. You'll also get...