Web Hosting Requirements – Ioncube and PHP

David Bullock — 


Our requirements are fairly simple.

1. You need a hosting service that supports WordPress.

2. You need PHP 5.4 or newer.

4. You need the IonCube Loader extension version 10+ installed.

If you have any questions about whether your host can support Memberium, you can download our plugin from this site. Once you install the plugin, it will tell you if your PHP version and IonCube do not match our requirements.

Upgrading your PHP

Memberium for ActiveCampaign (M4AC) requires PHP v5.4 or greater to run. Some hosting services will let you choose your PHP version in your Cpanel or configuration, others require you to request that they do it. Please contact your web host to have your PHP upgraded.

WordPress requires PHP 5.2 or greater.

As of the time of this writing, PHP 5.5 and earlier are no longer supported by the PHP development team.

PHP versions that are no longer supported will be missing security fixes, bug fixes and performance enhancements that would speed up your site.

Installing IonCube

IonCube is a free security plugin (or extension) for PHP that enables you to run PHP scripts securely and protects against tampering or hacking of the plugin. Some hosts have it pre-installed, other hosts may allow you to install it yourself, and some hosts will not permit you to update their PHP with extensions.

Please contact your web host to check on the availability of installing IonCube on your site.

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