Behind the Scenes of a Multinational Membership Site Built By a Memberium Certified Partner

In this customer site walkthrough, you’ll get to see how a membership site built with ActiveCampaign and Memberium functions. This site was built by a Memberium Certified Partner, Ross Jenkins from DigitalME.

Ross walks us through the site and explains how many of its features are set up. Whether you’re just building your first membership site or you’re already running a thriving one, there are definitely some things you’ll see in this walkthrough you can take away and use in your own membership site.

Learn More About DigitalME

To learn more about Ross, DigitalME, and how they can help you with your Memberium membership site or project, visit this dedicated page on their site.

Intentionally Simple UI/UX to Make Things Easy for Target Audience

In the video, Ross briefly mentions that the style and design of the site was made with an older generation audience in mind. They wanted to keep things simple and easy to navigate through.

This can be seen on the order forms, menus, and course/lesson pages. 

When you are building and designing your membership site, you’ll want to consider who it is that will be using the site on a daily basis. If you have an older audience, increasing font sizes, button sizes, and keepings things very simple to navigate would be a good idea.

Further, if your audience is more technical, you’d want the user experience to be tailored to that. You can generally never go wrong with keeping things simple, but too simple for a certain audience can work against you.

Know your audience. Tailor your site to them.

LearnDash + Memberium to Power Video Based Courses with Quizzing

QHHT’s courses are built using LearnDash and Memberium for ActiveCampaign. The videos are hosted with Vimeo (which we recommend and use ourselves).

LearnDash is a powerful LMS plugin that lets you simply create online courses that include quizzing. Memberium for ActiveCampaign’s integration with LearnDash also allows you to apply ActiveCampaign tags or trigger ActiveCampaign automations anytime a lesson or course is completed. 

When someone completes the quiz on QHHT, they are greeted with a video congratulating them. This is a nice touch that can help with building a relationship with your members.

In addition to the video, members get an email explaining to them the next steps for moving forward with the training. This is something many membership site owners leave out. 

When someone completes a course, give them the next course for purchase or direct them on what they should be doing next. You’ll be creating more engaged members in doing so.

Using Gamification to Increase Taking Action with Course Material

A lot of membership sites already have gamification built in. This is nothing new and something that should be implemented at some level as your membership site grows.

However, the way Ross implemented it on QHHT is somewhat unique. Instead of giving points or increasing rank/level when a course is complete, they actually get an increase in level whenever they submit ‘session notes’. 

Now this is specific to QHHT and what they’re teaching, but in essence, they are incentivizing people to actually put into practice what they’ve learned from the course. 

In this case, the levels correspond to ‘practitioner levels’ which increases their ranking in the practitioner directory. This is why people are incentivized to increase it.

If you’re doing something similar with certifying people and you have a directory of those people, you may consider some sort of level system such as this.

Translating the Membership Site

Another commonly overlooked aspect on many membership sites is that not everyone speaks or understands English. Maybe your site is in Spanish and English speakers want your content. It works in all directions.

On this site, Ross implemented Google Translate to translate the actual text.

They also had all the course videos dubbed over with native speakers from different languages.

As your membership site scales, you may consider doing this to expand your reach into new markets, countries, and reach more people.


To learn more about Ross and DigitalME, visit his website and social media channels. If you’re looking for Memberium implementation, Ross is a Certified Memberium Partner who knows his stuff.

  1. Introduction – walking through QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – website – switched from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign
  2. (0:55) – Overview of homepage – purchase form – audience is older generation so the form is simple
  3. (2:17) Course walkthrough – Using Learndash – Video course, has quiz –  video hosted on Vimeo – Congratulatory video at the end of the quiz
  4. (4:00) Session Notes – users can submit session notes for getting a higher rank – using Gravity Forms
  5. (5:20) Find a practitioner section from the menu – practitioners are listed
  6. (6:14) Resources section includes resources they get once pass – courses are available in different languages – videos are dubbed from native speakers
  7. (7:37) Gets traffic from YouTube, FB etc. Sends visitors from FB to a landing page or sales page. Use retargeting ads too.
  8. (8:15) ActiveCampaign has lots of contacts – low bounce rate – builds relationships
  9. Using Google Translate for website translation

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