How to Offer a Free Trial using Memberium for ActiveCampaign – WooCommerce, ThriveCart, and Spiffy

If you’d like to learn how to offer a $1 trial offer, please see this video.

This tutorial covers how to offer a free trial to your members using Memberium for ActiveCampaign. Because ActiveCampaign works for every payment processing tool that can be integrated with it, there are a variety of payment processing options to choose. The concept for each is essentially the same, so this tutorial will explain trial setups for the top three processors: WooCommerce, ThriveCart, and Spiffy.

It’s important to note that Memberium focuses on tags rather than the monetary aspects of your memberships, so the trials will be completed in your billing system rather than through Memberium itself. You will still need to apply the proper tags to your members’ records in ActiveCampaign, but the initial setup will be completed via your billing system.


For this example, the Gold Membership is listed on the Subscription page. The standard membership fee is $10 per month with no sign-up fees.

Under your simple subscription details, there is a Free Trial bar that you’ll use to set up your free trial. Type in however many days you would like your free trial to last, then update the page and your free trial is ready.


On the ThriveCart platform, go to the Products page and click on the Pricing tab.

Click the button to set up your product prices and when the window populates, you’ll see options to set up your payment type.

Choose the Subscription option and select your billing frequency and the subscription price. In the example, the frequency is set to Monthly and the price is set at $10.

Finally, under the Trial Period option, choose how many days you would like your free trial to last. Under Today’s Price, be sure to key in a “0” so that your members will not immediately be charged a fee upon checkout.

Once you have completed your setup, the page will notify you that your customers will have a certain number of free trial days and will be charged the standard membership fee once those days have passed.

Save your information and the free trial will now display on your Pricing tab.

Note: The wordage on this page is written incorrectly under your Subscription heading as “$0.00 after a 7-day trial period” when it should say, “$0.00 for a 7-day trial period”. The Checkout page, however, displays the information correctly.


On your Checkout page, select the Offer tab, then the Pricing tab. Under Type, choose Subscription. Select the membership type you’d like to offer a free trial on. In the example, a $10 per month Gold Membership was used.

Choose the Add Free Trial button, then key in the number of days you would like your trial to last.

Press Publish, and your information will be saved. Be sure to take a look at your Subscription settings to double-check the information you chose and if everything is correct, your free trial is ready.

The great thing about setting up the free trial this way is that it works with your existing onboarding/delivery automations (where you apply membership tags, generate passwords, and send welcome emails).

If you need to set up a welcome/onboarding automation, please watch this video here.

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