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The User Deleted Tag is a useful feature of Memberium that allows you to specify a tag which will be applied to the ActiveCampaign contact record of the user if the user was deleted using the delete user webhook.

This is useful when you want to track how many/which users were deleted using the delete user webhook.

You can find this option from Memberium > Settings > Site Security page.

Not seeing this feature on the site?

If you’re not seeing this option on your site then you can check these two things:

  1. Are you a Memberium Pro or Advanced member?
    To use this feature, you will need to be a Pro or Advanced member. If you’re currently on Standard subscription, you can easily upgrade by contacting support. We will prorate your existing subscription and upgrade you to the plan you want. Just send an email to from the email you used to signup with Memberium.
  2. Are you on the latest version?
    You can update your Memberium plugin to our latest release by going to your WordPress admin screen-> Plugins and searching for Memberium and hitting update. Alternatively, you can go to Memberium -> Support -> Updates tab -> Memberium Manual Updater and selecting the latest version from the dropdown.
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