LearnDash is a feature-rich WordPress LMS that provides cutting edge elearning methodology for WordPress based web sites. In addition to the plugin itself, the company provides practical and experience driven guidance for setting up online courses. LearnDash has become the most trusted WordPress LMS plugin for major universities, continuing education providers, and entrepreneurs world-wide. Here’s how Memberium integrates with LearnDash.

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This setting determines whether or not your site will allow you to use the autologin feature. The Autologin feature is inherently less secure because it replaces the user’s password with a simple number which can be easily brute-forced or guessed. Once someone obtains the Contact Id and the user’s email address they can continue to access the account even if the user changes the password.

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Memberium can be configured to keep a record of login sessions for each user. The system collects the login date, IP address and user name. This data is stored in a database table that you can access through normal tools. Memberium also uses the login log to track how many IP addresses have been logged in from for each user.

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Memberium's Content Protection Box allows you to protect your content through simple, intuitive means.

You can protect your content with a combination of various controls - active membership, tags, logged in status of a viewer, and contact IDs. Additionally, you can combine these conditions for more complex protections.

Once you've determined that a viewer may not view a page, you can then decide how to handle that restricted page. You can hide the page as if it doesn't exist, show an excerpt/summary if your theme supports that, or simply redirect the viewer to another page.

This guide should give you a better understanding of the capabilities and use of the Content Protection Box

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This document covers the web hosting requirements to use Memberium for ActiveCampaign. If you have any questions about whether your host can support Memberium, you can download our plugin from this site. Once you install the plugin, it will tell you if your PHP version and IonCube do not match our requirements.

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The standard WordPress login page isn’t terribly attractive, or compatible with theme and brand design. It’s not uncommon to want to improve the login experience. Memberium provides a way to generate standard WordPress login forms on your site on any page you wish.

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Membership levels can be created easily using the Memberium Dashboard. During initial setup we offer to do this free for you, but there’s no reason you can’t make or change your own membership levels yourself. This guide will walk you through the steps.

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This function is used to create a single tag. You can use these tags for anything, including creating a membership level.

To create the tag set, perform the following steps.

1. Enter the name of the new tag into the input box. We recommend keeping the tag names short and simple.

2. Click the Create Button to create the new tag.

This function is used to create a series of tag that can be used for dripping content.

To create the group of drip tags, perform the following steps.

1. Enter the name of the new tag into the input box. We recommend keeping the tag names short and simple. Each tag will use this name at the beginning and add the tag ID# to the end of the tag name. (For example, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3)

2. Enter the starting number in the “Start” box. This number will be used on the first tag created. In the above example, the start number would have been “1”

3. Enter the last number in the sequence of tags to create. In the above example, the number would have been “3”

4. Click the Create Button to create the new tags.