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This feature is particularly useful if you have a large number of tags in ActiveCampaign. Syncing all these tags could cause performance issues on your site. Using the dropdown filters, you can limit which tags show up in Memberium.

How to Use / Examples

Simply type in a comma separated list of strings to match. For example, typing in “gold” would limit the dropdown to showing only tags that have “gold” somewhere in them. This could be a tag named “Gold Member” or “Goldfish”.

If you want to use multiple filters, separate them with commas such as “gold,silver” which would show tags such as “Silver Membership”, “Gold Membership”, or anything with either of the strings in them.

Additional Notes

One way you could use this feature is if you’re running multiple membership/memberium sites all through one ActiveCampaign account. Using this feature, you can reduce clutter and confusion by prefixing or suffixing all your tags with a short descriptor such as SITE1- or [tag name]-MEMBERSHIPSITE and then you can use the filter to only show tags that apply to that site.

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