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You can use the Tag Builder Pro “Create Membership Level” feature to have Memberium:

  1. Create a tag in ActiveCampaign (can be used both in Memberium and ActiveCampaign)
  2. Create a membership level in Memberium with the new tag already assigned
  3. Automatically create PAYF, SUSP, and CANC tags for the membership

Key Concept

Memberium membership levels are made up of ActiveCampaign tags. If a member has a tag associated with a membership level, they have said membership level. If they don’t have the tags, they don’t have the membership level. All Memberium memberships are tied to tags in ActiveCampaign. There is no separate tagging system built into Memberium.

Step-by-Step Guide

To create a new membership, go to the Tag Builder Pro panel at the bottom of the Memberships screen. Memberium will automate creating your tags for you, so you don’t need to go into ActiveCampaign at all. You’ll use the first input “Create Membership Level”.


  • Enter the name of your new membership level. This will be the name of the tag in ActiveCampaign, too.
  • Check the box if you want Memberium to create PAYF, CANC, and SUSP tags for you.
  • Click [Create]

This will create your tags and assign them to your new Membership level. The automatically created tags will have the same name as your Membership level so that you can identify them easily. When the screen reloads you will see your new membership level at the top, ready to go.


The Tag Builder just creates the basic elements of the membership. At this point, you’ll probably want to go up and click the Edit button for your membership level so you can fine-tune the details such as your membership home page.

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