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Although Memberium provides many direct integrations with your favorite plugins, you may run into a case where no integration exists. If you‘re wanting to interface/connect with the Infusionsoft fields of your logged-in users, this guide will explain one way you can do this in your custom applications or other plugins.

Many plugins such as Ultimate Member or BuddyPress allow you to present your users with “My Account” pages that can update a variety of things including custom fields. Maybe you want to capture the users “Website” or “Occupation”. Using those plugins, you can capture all that info without the use of Memberium; however, it will only exist in WordPress – you won’t be able to access it in ActiveCampaign.

Sync Meta Updates is designed to enable other plugins/code to access ActiveCampaign fields as if they were normal WordPress User Meta Fields.

In order to enable “Sync Meta Updates” option, you would navigate to Memberium => Settings => Performance tab and in there set “Sync Meta Updates” to “ON”.

Other Plugins

Not all plugins will support the use of linking to custom fields like this out of the box. In those cases, you’ll need to ask the developer to implement new functionality, or you can hire your own developer / work with custom code to get the necessary functionality.

Our support team won’t be able to assist you with custom coding inquiries, but we can help you understand how our side of it works and answer any questions in terms of our software. Understand that we’re limited in the support we can provide for other plugins.

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