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This guide will show you how to use Memberium for ActiveCampaign’s new feature to log in as a member without needing their password. This new feature will let you support your members and students easier.

As a site owner, you often run into the problem where you and your member are seeing different things. Maybe they are reporting they don’t have access to some content, but it is visible when you check your end. Memberium gives admin accounts access to everything. This makes troubleshooting issues hard if you’re unable to log in as the member sees the problem.

In this past, this required the member to give you their password, or you would have reset it.

This feature was added in Memberium for ActiveCampaign version 1.170 – make sure you are on the latest version to use it. Click here if you need to update your plugin.

Stealth Login Overview

WordPress admins can enable stealth login for a user account that lasts for 5 minutes. During that 5 minute period, the admin’s IP address will be able to log in as the user account using any password.

The login using any password can only be done from the admin’s IP address. The IP address is collected when the admin enables stealth login for a particular user account.

How to Use Stealth Login

As a WordPress admin, you can go to the Users tab and find a user you need to log in as. Then click on the email or the view button as shown below

Scroll down to the very bottom of the user record, and you will see the enable stealth login option:

You can enable the option by clicking the checkbox and then clicking “Update User” at the bottom.

After the page refreshes, you will see the countdown…

After the 5 minute period, you can enable the option again if you need it.

With the option enabled, you will now be able to use the login page to log in as the user.

This is better than a button that directly logs you in as the user because you can see exactly what the member/user sees during their login. This is especially useful when troubleshooting login redirects where the user may be taken to the wrong page after login.


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