Spiffy for ActiveCampaign: How to Use Spiffy to Sell Subscriptions or Online Courses with Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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ActiveCampaign is great at marketing automation but lacks any e-commerce features. This means you’ll need to use a separate add-on to be able to sell anything with ActiveCampaign.

Spiffy has just launched a new version of its platform that allows you to use it as an e-commerce add-on for ActiveCampaign. You can use it to sell online courses, subscription-based products (membership sites) or any other type of digital product with ActiveCampaign.

Spiffy allows you to create great looking order forms and do other cool things like include order bumps on forms, add one-click upsells, allow your members to self manage their subscriptions through an online billing portal and much more.

This in-depth tutorial will show how to use Spiffy and Memberium for ActiveCampaign to be able to sell an online course (or any digital product) or subscription based offer with ActiveCampaign.

An Overview of Spiffy

Having long been a popular tool for improving the look and feel of Infusionsoft order forms, Spiffy now works with ActiveCampaign and has now been completely rebuilt! The new version of Spiffy also works with both Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap.

You can send contact data and order info from Spiffy to ActiveCampaign without the need for any other add-ons.

As an example of what that means, here’s a look at a customer’s contact record and the e-commerce data that gets synced over to ActiveCampaign…

And here’s a quick look at the type of order form that you can easily create with Spiffy for ActiveCampaign (you also have the ability to easily add order bumps and one-click upsells)…

One of the best parts about Spiffy is its simplicity. The team at Spiffy has redesigned the whole experience of creating order forms and selling digital products from the ground up. It’s super easy to use and is really intuitive. Before we dive into the full tutorial on how to use it with Memberium for ActiveCampaign, here’s a peek at of what the back end editor looks like…

spiffy form

The other cool part about Spiffy is it makes it really easy to deal with failed payments. They’ll automatically email customers to update their payment info when a recurring charge fails. The link leads them to a billing portal where they can update their information and manage their account. They’ll also get automated emails to update a new card when their info is about to expire.

Spiffy also gives you advanced analytics about your checkout performance, conversion stats, subscription performance, and upsell performance stats. The Spiffy team is consistently adding new features every week and is just getting started with the platform. Which means there should be a lot of other cool stuff coming in the near future.

Beta Pricing Expires Soon!

Since Spiffy is still technically in beta, you can get a pro account for significantly reduced price, for a limited time. If you create an account while they’re still in beta, you’ll be able to lock-in to that pricing for life as long as your subscription stays active.

You can check out their beta pricing and learn more about Spiffy here…

Merchant Account Integration – Spiffy Works With Stripe

Currently, Spiffy only integrates with Stripe. You can use Spiffy with Memberium and ActiveCampaign in all countries that Stripe supports.

Connecting your Stripe account to Spiffy is super easy. You can check out the documentation from Spiffy about how to connect to your Stripe account here. Once you’ve done that follow these steps to get started…

How to Set Everything Up With Memberium for ActiveCampaign: First, Connect ActiveCampaign to Spiffy

  1. Click on the profile icon and click ‘Integrations’ spiffy connect
  2. Select the ‘ActiveCampaign’ optionSpiffy
  3. Enter your ActiveCampaign URL and API Key then click the ‘Connect ActiveCampaign’ button

The last step is choosing the ‘Save Settings’ option

Once connected, you will see ActiveCampaign in the list of Active Integrations

You can also check in your ActiveCampaign to be sure Spiffy is connected with the right ActiveCampaign app by following the steps below:

  1. Go to ActiveCampaign Settings
  2. Click the ‘Integrations’ option
  3. You will be able to see Spiffy listed under Connected Integrations

How to Create Your Products and Spiffy Order Form

Step 1: Create Your Order Form

Click the ‘Checkouts’ tab at the top of the page.


Click the ‘Create New Checkout’ button

Here you can type in your desired name for the new form

name order form

You will receive confirmation if the URL you selected is available or already in use. If the URL is not available, you will need to choose a different option. This field will become editable by double-clicking in the ‘Internal Name’ box. If what you selected is available, click ‘Continue’

edit form

Step 2: Select between Standard or Subscription product type

If your products are being offered for a one-time fee, select the Standard option. For products requiring recurring payments, choose the Subscription option.

Enter your Offer Title, price, and a short description of the product. Then click ‘Continue’.

The order form for a subscription product will vary slightly.

If you have an existing subscription product, type the name of the product and select it from the autofill options. If you need to create a new subscription, type in the name of the product and click on the “+” icon to create a new subscription.


Next step is to create a subscription plan.

Insert your subscription plan name, price, and frequency of the recurring payment. Your subscription name can be different than your product name or form name that you used in earlier steps. Select Create followed by the ‘Continue’ button.


Your subscription option or plan is now attached to the order form.

Step 3. Upload an image

Next, you have the option to upload an image of your product. Browse your computer for the desired image, then click ‘Finish’. If you don’t want to upload an image select the ‘Skip & Finish’ button.

Step 4. Setup Your Thank you page

Once the payment method is created you will receive a confirmation banner. Below, you will have the option to view the form along with options for what comes next. From here you can ‘Edit Thank You Page’ your customers will see once they purchase your product.

checkout complete

You can choose either the default thank you page or you can enter a custom URL for a page you created by selecting the ‘Custom Link’ option.

thank you page

Click the ‘Publish’ button to publish this checkout.


You will receive confirmation that your order form has been successfully published. You can click on ‘Close’ to close this or configure advanced settings.

checkout published

How to Trigger Off Your ActiveCampaign Actions or Automations

Step 1. Click the ‘Automations’ option from the menu on the left and then on ‘Add Action’.


Step 2: Click on ‘Purchase’ option.


Step 3. Select the ‘ActiveCampaign’ option

ac integration

Step 4. Select an ActiveCampaign action

You will get the list of ActiveCampaign actions to select from for whenever customers purchase using this particular order form. You can choose to apply or remove tags, add or remove users from the list, add a user to given automation or remove from the specified automation.

Step 5. Select the tag, automation or list based on your choice in the previous screen

Below is a screenshot of tag options. You’ll want to select the membership level tag they should get access to after purchasing the product.

Similarly, the list of automations in your ActiveCampaign app will also appear from your selected option.

Step 6. Publish the checkout form

From here, you can publish the changes by clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

You can click the ‘Checkouts’ link to see your existing forms and grab the link for use on your website.


You’re now ready to sell your products! Next, we’ll create an automation in ActiveCampaign to automatically deliver access to your site after filling out the order form…

How to Create Your ActiveCampaign Automation to Automatically Deliver Access to Your Membership Site or Course with Spiffy

  1. In ActiveCampaign go to ‘Automations’
  2. Click the ‘Create an automation’ button
  3. Click on ‘Start from Scratch’ option and then click the ‘Continue’ button
  4. Select the ‘Makes a purchase’ trigger and hit the ‘Continue’ button
  5. Select your Spiffy integration from the dropdown and click the ‘Add Start’ button
  6. You would want to assign a tag to the userAs we have covered in Step 4 and Step 5 you can choose a tag from the list of existing tags or create a new tag.

    If you’re selling a membership program you would want to create a password and send the login details to the customer after they purchase it.

  7. Add Memberium Password Generator webhook to generate passwordYou will login to your WordPress site as an admin and go to ‘Memberium -> Settings -> Web Hooks/Links’ screen to find the Memberium Password Generator webhook

    Then you’ll copy and paste the webhook in your ActiveCampaign automation

  8. To send the user an email with their login details you’ll select ‘Send and email’ option under ‘Sending Options’To create a brand new email you’ll click the ‘create an email’ link in the pop up

    Now you can enter the appropriate email name in the future you can identify what that email is about.

    ActiveCampaign has numbers of pre-built design for email template for you to use. You can choose one a suitable option and edit it as per your need. If you’d like to use our own pre-written welcome email template, click here to download the template directly into your app.

    Once you choose your template you can insert name and email address that you want to send emails from to the customer. You’ll also include the subject line of your email.

    You can go ahead and edit the email and add user’s login details. For including any personalized information of the user like email, password, first name, last name etc you can click the Personalize tab and select field name from the list.

    Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see when you’ll click the Personalize tab.

    You’d want to make sure you select the right password field from the list based on what you’ve set from ‘Memberium -> Settings -> Login’ screen in your WordPress site

    Now you just need to click the ‘Save and exit’ button in the upper right corner and your ActiveCampaign automation is ready.

    Here’s a screenshot of how your final campaign will look like.

    As documented in Step 4 above, you’ll want to trigger off an automation when a customer purchases through that order form.

    Once a customer submits the order form successfully, the user’s account will be created in ActiveCampaign, a tag will be applied, a password will be generated and the new customer will get an email with their login info. You can verify this in ActiveCampaign by having look at the customers contact record…

    If you want to get this ActiveCampaign automation and add it to your ActiveCampaign app you can get it here…

How to Automatically Cut Off Membership Access When A Member’s Subscription Payment Fails and How to Setup Your Failed Payment Emails

One of the great things about Spiffy is it makes dealing with failed subscription payment really easy.

It will automatically email members when a failed payment happens. In the email them asking them to update their credit card and will attempt to rebill the failed payment through Stripe automatically.

You’ll also want to set up your Memberium site to cut off the members access automatically when a subscription payment has failed. Likewise, you can automatically restore their access after a successful payment is made.

This makes it really easy to resolve failed payment issues automatically, without the need to manually have to handle these types of problems yourself or through a customer service rep.

Spiffy’s billing automation triggers allow you to fire off specific automations after a subscription payment fails, when a credit card has expired or is about to expire. You can also fire off automations when a subscription is cancelled through Spiffy’s customer portal and a few other scenarios listed below.

Here’s the full list of all the ‘Billing Automation’ triggers that you can set up with Spiffy….

Here we’ll show you how to automatically cut a members access off when their subscription payment has failed. We’ll also show you how to restore their access, automatically, after they make a successful payment.

To do this you’ll need to set up your ‘Billing Automation’ steps up in Spiffy, then set up a new ActiveCampaign automation…

Stage 1: Setup your ‘Billing Automation’ Settings in Spiffy

  1. Go to ‘Profile > Automation’
  2. Click the ‘Add Action’ button
  3. Select ‘Payment Failed’ option
  4. From the list of integrations click on ‘ActiveCampaign’
  5. Select ‘Add Tags’ option
  6. Select a tag that you want to assign to a member when they failed to pay for their subscription. Then click the ‘Finish’ button.This should be a global tag that will be assigned to a member when their subscription payment doesn’t go through. You’ll need to create this tag in ActiveCampaign before you can add it. If you’re unsure what to name your tag, in ActiveCampaign create a new tag named ‘Membership Payment Failed’ to use for this step.

  7. Now go ahead and click the ‘Save Automations’ button

Stage 2: Setup and Trigger an Automation in ActiveCampaign to Automatically Cut Off Their Membership Access

If you’d like to use our pre-built ActiveCampaign Automation to follow along with throughout the next few steps, you can download this automation directly to your app by clicking this link here to then follow along with…

Here’s an overview of what the campaign will look like…

And here we’ll break down all the steps involved in setting this up if you need an explanation of how to set this up, step by step…

  1. Login to your ActiveCampaign account and go to ‘Automations’
  2. Click the ‘Create an automation’ button
  3. Go to ‘Start from Scratch’ option in the sidebar and select the ‘Start from Scratch’ option on your screen as shown in the below screenshot. Click the ‘Continue’ button to move forward.
  4. Select ‘Tag is added’ trigger form ‘View All’ option
  5. Choose the same tag that you had set to be assigned through Spiffy’s ‘Billing Automation’ trigger when a failed payment happens.Also, check the box for ‘Segment the contacts entering in this automation’ option and from the dropdown, click the ‘Contact Details’ option

  6. Click the ‘Tag’ option from the list of option categories
  7. For the condition field select ‘Exists’ from the dropdown and then for the last field choose your membership tag from the list of tags.The purpose of this is to set a condition that says ‘when a users payment fails and only when they have that specific membership tag, then you want ActiveCampaign to remove their access because of the failed payment.

  8. Then click the ‘+’ sign below this to add a new step and we’ll apply a tag after this…
  9. Click the ‘Contacts’ option from the sidebar and choose the ‘Add a tag’ option
  10. Now you can go ahead and assign your membership payment failure tag (PAYF tag) to cut off the user’s access. Search for your membership level tag name and look for the tag that has PAYF added to the end of it and select it.For example, if your membership tag is named “Gold”, you should also have a “GoldPAYF” tag saved in your app.

Here’s how the campaign will look like once it’s ready. You can download an example of this campaign directly to your app by clicking this link here…

Pretty simple right?

This will automatically handle cutting off a members access if their monthly or yearly subscription payment fails.

Spiffy will automatically send an email to a member when a failed payment happens. The email will ask customers to update their new payment information through Spiffy’s billing portal and will attempt to collect the past due balance, automatically after they update their card.

You can view this setting in Spiffy by going to your dashboard and going to the ‘Spiffy -> Notifications > Payment Emails’ section. By default, the boxes for both ‘Failed Payment Email’ and ‘Card Expiring Email’ should be checked for you.

failed payment

Here’s what Spiffy’s default failed payment email template looks like. Spiffy will insert the correct values into the placeholders in the template that’s sent automatically for you.

How to Automatically Restore a Members Access After a Successful Payment When the Last One Failed…

You’ll want to set up a way to automatically restore a members access once they do make a successful payment (after their last one had failed). Here’s how to do this…

In Spiffy go to ‘Settings > Automation’ then select the ‘Subscription Payment’ trigger…

Select your ‘ActiveCampaign’ integration…

Select the ‘Remove Tags’ action…

You want to remove the ‘Membership Payment Failed’ tag and you want to remove your membership PAYF tag that you had previously added to members when their payment failed.

Removing the PAYF tag is what will restore their access to your membership site. Click the ‘Finish’ button.

Go ahead and click the ‘Save Automations’ button in the bottom right corner, as you can see in the below screenshot.

This billing automation will then automatically reinstate a member’s access to your Memberium site after they’ve paid past due payment. Now your Spiffy billing automations should be all set!

How to Test Your Spiffy Order Form and Make Sure Everything Works

There currently isn’t a way to run test transactions with Spiffy. To be able to test you’ll need to test with a low priced transaction using a live card.

To do this you can temporarily change the price of your Spiffy product to be less than $1.00, then test with a live credit card to make sure your automation and follow up is sent out correctly.

Use an email address that’s not used by an admin user in your WordPress site.


Spiffy is a powerful e-commerce tool for ActiveCampaign. It’s really easy to use and has a lot of other cool e-commerce features that we didn’t cover here. To learn more about Spiffy and how it works with ActiveCampaign you can check out their site here…

We hope you’ll find this article useful and good luck selling!

Spiffy Beta Pricing Expires May 24th – Save 75% off all Pro Accounts

Since Spiffy is still in its early beta stages, you can get a pro account for 75% off the regular price until the end of May 24th, 2019. If you create an account while they’re still in beta, you’ll be able to lock-in to that pricing for life as long as your subscription stays active.

You can check out their beta pricing and learn more about Spiffy here…

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