How to Solve Memberium for ActiveCampaign Login Issues

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If you’re facing any login issues with Memberium for ActiveCampaign, this guide will walk you through the exact steps our support team will take to troubleshoot and solve your issue.

By following this guide, you can learn how to quickly diagnose and treat login issues on your membership site.

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Get the Member’s Login Credentials

In order to troubleshoot this issue, you will need to be able to attempt logging in as the member having problems.

This means you will need to either get the password from the member or better yet, reset the password.

Memberium for ActiveCampaign doesn’t provide you any method to view a member’s password. In cases where the member cannot login, it is best to reset the password in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Resetting the password ensures you have the correct password. The member may be mistaken about what their password is which would cause a login failure.

Check for Duplicate Contact Records

This step is very simple. Make sure there are not two contact records in ActiveCampaign with the same email address.

Duplicate ActiveCampaign contact records will cause login issues with Memberium for ActiveCampaign. You’ll need to merge the records.

Verify Membership Levels & Tags

If there aren’t any duplicate contacts, the next step is making sure the member isn’t actually being logged in and then taken back to the login page.

Oftentimes, we see members lose a tag for some reason or another that causes them not to be able to access the main dashboard page. That is the page the member is taken to after logging into the membership site. Because they don’t have access to that page, when they login to the site, Memberium sees they don’t have access, and based on your “when prohibited” settings we send them back to the login page (the default).

Whatever that page is on your site, you’ll want to check that the member in question actually has access.

Simply go to the page and check the content protection settings. Then make sure the member has the necessary tags and memberships.

In the example above, you can see the page is protected with “Demo Membership 1” – that corresponds to a tag in ActiveCampaign…

We’ll want to make sure the member having trouble logging in actually has that tag to access the page.

You can check a member’s tags right in ActiveCampaign


You’ll want to look for any PAYF, CANC, or SUSP tags in addition to membership tags. If a user has both, Memberium treats them as not having the membership level. This could cause them to not be able to login in some cases.

If the member has the correct tags, move on to the next step.

Check the Number of Logins

One more way to make sure the member isn’t being logged in is to check the login counter Memberium provides for each user.

Go to WordPress > Users > and the member in question. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a login counter like the one below:

Note down that number and then attempt to log in again. Refresh this page to see if the number increased.

If the number increased, then go back to the previous step because it’s likely the member simply doesn’t have the required tags or membership levels to access the page they’re taken to after being logged in.

If it doesn’t increase, continue to the next step.

Switch On the Login Log

Sometimes the issue doesn’t immediately present itself. In these cases, we’ll turn on the login log to get more details as to why the login is not working.

First, go to Memberium > Settings > Login > then scroll down to where it says Login Log and switch it to the On/Yes position:

Once enabled, this lets you do two important things

1. View All Logins – Logins Tab

As you can see in the above screenshot, once the log is enabled, you’ll see all logins going forward. Successful logins will be listed in this first tab as shown above.

If you try logging in and you see the account show up in this tab, that means the login is NOT failing. What’s likely happening is the user doesn’t have a required tag or membership level to access a page and is being redirected to the login page. From your end, this will appear as if the page simply refreshes and nothing happens.

2. View Failed Logins – Login Error Tab

On the Login Error tab, you will see all logins that failed due to Memberium. Failed logins due to security plugins, wrong passwords, etc. will not show up here. Only logins that Memberium made fail will show up here.

As an example, you may see something like “No Active Membership Found” – in this case, you have enabled the “Require Membership” setting which requires a member to have any membership level in order to log in and the member didn’t have a membership level.

You can add a membership level to the user or you can disable the setting to proceed:

You may come across other error messages, but they will all typically correspond to a setting you enabled.

Another common one might be you setup IP restrictions that the account in question exceeded. You can view the linked article for more details about that feature.

Site Ban Tag

Make sure the member does not have the site ban tag. You can check the configured site ban tag by going to Memberium > Settings > Content Protection > Site Ban Tag.

If the member has this tag, they will be prevented from logging in. Remove the tag to grant them access again.

Security & Captcha Plugins

If you’ve gone through all the steps above and you’re still not able to get past the login screen, try logging in using the default WordPress login page.

Default WordPress Form

Go to this URL replacing the domain with your domain:

This will show the default WordPress login form. Try logging in here. If it works, please reach out to support and let us know what you’ve already tested.

Captcha Plugins

When you go to the URL above, if you see any additional fields such as a captcha like the one below, that is what’s causing the problem.

Memberium has no way to display that captcha using our [memb_loginform] shortcode so the login fails because the captcha was left blank. Disable that captcha plugin if you wish to use [memb_loginform]

Security Plugins

One other potential cause of login failures could be a security plugin. These plugins such as WordFence, iThemes Security, or Sucuri just to name a few have the ability to block site access based on IP addresses or the number of failed login attempts.

We can’t provide specific instructions on what exactly to check, but most security plugins provide some sort of logging that may help identify if they’re the culprit.

Still Having Issues?

If you’re still facing a login issue, it is time to contact our support team.

Please provide us with the following when you open a ticket with us (email

  • URL of your membership site
  • WordPress admin username and password (can be temporary)
  • Email and password of the user who cannot login
  • Any other details including steps you’ve already taken to troubleshoot that may help

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Table of Contents

This Article Applies to

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