This shortcode is used to embed an ActiveCampaign form on the site.

Shortcode Examples

[memb_show_form form_id=9]

This will embed an ActiveCampaign form on your site.

Shortcode Parameters​

form_id: This is the ID of the form in ActiveCampaign.

(You can get the ID by visiting the form in ActiveCampaign, and looking at the URL. Example: https://yourapp.activehosted.com/app/forms/9. Here, 9 is the ID of the form.)

Additional Information

To use this shortcode, you’d need to have a form created in ActiveCampaign. If you don’t have one, then you can simply create a new form by following this documentation.

If you have already created the form and want to locate its ID, then login to ActiveCampaign, click on “Site” from the left menu of your account.

site activecampaign

Now click on “Forms” from the site menu.

form activecampaign

From here, you can click on the form which you want to embed and it will open the form. Look at the URL which would be something like this:


In this example, “9” is the form ID that we’ll use in the shortcode.

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