This shortcode is used to create a “My account” page if you’re using MemberiumPay.

This page can be used to allow the user/member to update their contact details, billing details, add/edit credit card details, view/cancel subscriptions, view orders, change the password, and also offers a logout option.

Shortcode Examples

This shortcode is very simple to use. Just copy and paste the shortcode onto any page in WordPress. There is nothing to configure.


If you’re using a page builder such as Elementor, you can place this in a text or shortcode element.


Once the shortcode is placed on a page, you’ll see the ‘My Account’ box load when you view the page.

The first and default tab is the ‘Contact Details’ tab.

The view subscriptions tab will show any subscriptions tied to the logged-in member’s account. Some details are shown right on this tab and more details can be seen by clicking ‘View’ for the desired subscription:

Here’s what is shown after clicking ‘View’ on a subscription. As you can see, there are significantly more details available. There’s also the option to cancel the subscription.

Add/update credit card:



How can I change the colors and fonts?

The interface picks up on the styling set by your site. Usually, this is controlled by your theme. Each theme is slightly different in how/where to change the colors and fonts, but you’ll usually have to go to the WordPress customizer.

If you’re using the Astra theme, you can go to the Customizer > Global > Button to change the button color. Fonts are under the Typography option.

If you’re skilled with CSS, you can also use that to customize the form itself as each element has a unique identifier.

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