This shortcode displays the permalink of a particular page or a post.

Shortcode Examples

To display the permalink of the post where the shortcode is posted


To display the permalink of a specific post

[memb_get_permalink post_id="507"]

An example with all the parameters

[memb_get_permalink post_id="507" leavename=Y]

Shortcode Parameters​

post_id: ID # of post (defaults to current post)
page_id: ID # of page (defaults to current page)
leavename: Y/N 1/0 (defaults to false) When set to true, a structural link will be returned, rather than the actual URL. Example: http://www.example.com/%postname% instead of http://www.example.com/my-post.


Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

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