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This shortcode will enable the user to change their email address in Memberium.

Shortcode Examples

The following will display a standard email change form:


This will display a custom button text instead of the default label:

[memb_change_email buttontext="Change my Email Address"]


Shortcode Parameters​

automa­tio­n_id: The id number of an automation to run in ActiveCampaign when the email change is completed.

tag_id: The tag ID to apply to the user after the email change.

form_name: The CSS ID/Name to apply to the form. If not specified, a generic form name/id will be applied to the form (Optional).

email1­label: The first prompt to use for the email address. Not required. Defaults to “Email Address:”.

email2­label: The second prompt to use, to encourage the user to re-enter/verify their new email address. Not required. Defaults to “Repeat Email Address:”.

buttontext: The text to use for the form submission button. Not required. Defaults to “Change Email”.

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