This shortcode will create a button to run an Automation for the currently logged in user.

Shortcode Examples

A simple automation button:

[memb_automation_button automation_id=6]

Example with user defined button text:

[memb_automation_button automation_id=6 button_text="Click Here"]

Example of shortcode with redirect_url:

[memb_automation_button automation_id=6 redirect_url="http://yourdomain.com/success"]


Shortcode Parameters

automation_id: The ID# of the automation.

button_text: The text you wish to display on the button.  Defaults to “Submit”.  (Optional)

contact_id:  The ActiveCampaign Contact ID of the contact you wish to operate on.  (Optional)

redirect_url (Optional):  The URL that a user will be redirected to after the button is clicked. Example, “http://yourdomain.com/redirect”

tag_id:  A comma separated list of tags to add or remove. Defaults to none. (Optional)