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Please note that Secure Password Sync Field is not required unless you have multiple sites running Memberium and you want to allow your users to have the same password across all of your websites. If that is the case, you can check this documentation article for a step-by-step guide.

The Secure Password Sync Field dropdown allows you to specify the field Memberium will use to sync passwords. If you’re running multiple Memberium for ActiveCampaign sites, you can use this feature to allow members to use the same password across them.

For increased security, we do not copy or store any plaintext passwords. Instead, we copy WordPress hashed passwords into the field you select in the dropdown. From there, Memberium on the other sites will see the hash in the field and use that to sync the passwords.

The field selected cannot be the same field you’re using as the “CRM Password Field”.

One other thing to note is that you’ll use the same field on all sites you want to sync. For example, if you have 4 sites – A B C D – and want them all to sync you’ll use the same field across all of them. If you don’t want one of the sites to sync, you’ll simply leave this dropdown blank.

You can use multiple fields to sync only certain sites. For example, use the field “Sync1” on sites A & B and use the field “Sync2” on C & D. This means that sites A & B would sync with each other while C & D would sync with each other but all 4 sites would not be in sync – passwords from sites A & B would not work on C & D. (unless a member manually set the same password.)

The Secure Password Sync Field option can also be used with the Secure Password Sync Automation option.

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