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Personal Menus is an optional feature available in Memberium that enables you to automatically change your theme’s menus on the fly depending on whether the viewer is logged in, and if they are logged in, which membership level they are.

How It Works

Memberium’s Personal Menus works by scanning the menu locations that are created by your theme and creating additional “virtual” versions of those menu locations. A virtual menu location is created for each of your membership levels, and for logged in users. The original menu location created by the menu is used by default and for logged out visitors.

Pro Tip
Administrator users will be presented with the standard logged in menu. They do not have tags and will not be given a membership level menu.

Virtual Menus can be easily identified. They are indented slightly from the main default menus.

You can assign custom menus to these virtual menu locations. When the visiting user matches that menu, it will be displayed instead of the standard menu. If no virtual menus are assigned, then the default menu is displayed.

How to Activate Personal Menus

You can activate Personal Menus by doing the following steps:

Go to Memberium => Settings => “Page Handling” tab.Set the “Personal Menus” switch to ON

Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it! You’re all set.

You’ll see your new virtual menu locations appear when you go Appearance => Menus in WordPress. Your new virtual menu locations will appear in two places in the menu editor.

The first place you can assign virtual menus is at the bottom of the “Edit Menu” page. You’ll see a series of checkboxes, by which you can assign your custom menu.

The second location is on the “Manage Locations” tab. You’ll see each regular menu location, as well as each virtual menu location.

Theme Compatibility

Memberium Personal Menus are compatible with all themes that use standard menu locations.

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