Memberium GamiPress Integration: Automated Membership Site Gamification

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About GamiPress

We won’t cover the importance of gamification here, but simply put, gamification is applying game characteristics (think point/badge system or competition between players) to your product or course in order to encourage more engagement from your students or members.

A popular WordPress plugin for Gamification that Memberium integrates with is GamiPress.

GamiPress has a unique approach in giving you three main options for gamifying your site. They are all described in detail with examples on GamiPress’ website.

1) Points – Points for completing certain actions
2) Achievements – Badges for completing things
3) Ranks – A ranking system that encourages members to get to the top

That is just a brief overview of how GamiPress works. You can use all the options individually or not use one at all. On top of this, they have integrations with a lot of popular plugins which you can view here.

Memberium’s Integration

Memberium’s integration with GamiPress is three-pronged. You can do the following:

  1. Apply a tag when a member gets an achievement.
  2. Award an achievement when a member gets a tag.
  3. Run an automation when a member gets an achievement.


Here is an example of an achievement screen…

In the example, you can see that if someone gets the achievement through the website (doing certain actions, points, coins, etc.) Memberium will give that member the “Gold” tag in ActiveCampaign.

Additionally, if an admin applies the “Gold” tag to the member in ActiveCampaign manually, Memberium will automatically award them this achievement.

Lastly, you can trigger an automation in ActiveCampaign anytime someone gets this achievement.

Use Cases

Although this integration is simple in its technicalities, the use cases and possibilities it opens up are limited only by your creativity.

To give you just a taste of some of the options, you could potentially use this integration to…

  • Track progress through tags in ActiveCampaign
  • Send out emails when they receive an award
  • Unlock more content when they receive a new rank
  • The possibilities are endless since you can trigger automation that can run more actions

If you have any questions about the GamiPress integration, please feel free to contact support.

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