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The Confirmation Link example provided in the plugin allows you to send a user an email through ActiveCampaign with a special one-time-use link. When the link is clicked, it will create the record in WordPress, generate a password, automatically log the user into the site, and apply a tag if you’ve optionally configured it (here’s how).

In the example above, you can see the ActiveCampaign merge fields for the email address and the subscriber ID. These are required for the link to function properly.

As already mentioned, this link differs from a normal autologin link in that it will generate a password if needed and the link only works one time.

You can find a personalized example under Memberium>>Settings>>Web Hooks/Links

You’ll place this link in an email sent out by ActiveCampaign. The link will work once and then stop working to increase security.

Use Cases

Of course, there are many different use cases for a feature like this, but we’ll list a couple here so you can get an idea of how to use it.

  1. Use the confirmation link as a double opt-in. In this case, you wouldn’t use a normal password generator rather you’d just require the user to click this link to get a password. This will ensure that users use valid, correct email addresses before allowing them access to the site.
  2. Another example is more security-minded. If you’re worried about auto-generated passwords, you can use the confirmation link to have users set their own password. Use the link above and at the end add “&redir=/set-password/” this allows you to set a redirect. On the page you redirect them to, use our shortcode to let them set their own password.

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