The Right Amount of Flexibility To Help Your Business Achieve Maximum Growth...

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum Flexibility

The more flexible your business is, ultimately the more power and strength you’ll have. If your business is too stiff or rigid, that’s bound to prevent you from growing and cause  problems.

In today’s age, rapid change can happen overnight – with technology, in your market, with your competitors or the economy. When you’re unable to change how your course or membership site works, that can be a huge opportunity cost for you and your business.

At its core, Memberium is built to give you a maximum level of flexibility to do what you want with your site. It also comes with the flexibility to keep up with your business as it grows. With this high level of flexibility, you’ll be able to change and adapt your site as your business needs change over time.

Being based on WordPress, using Memberium gives you the freedom to add or remove any other plugins as you see fit. You can change your theme as you like, with full control over the code and hosting that your site uses. You’re in the driver seat with full control over your platform.

Can you imagine if early on in Amazon’s history, they used eBay or another platform to sell products online?

The point is, if you’re planning on building a serious business through your course or membership, you want full ownership over the platform that you’re building your course or membership on.

When you’re using other hosted course or membership platforms, you’re limited to the default features included with these that makes it hard to grow or improve. By design, these SaaS platforms’ goal is to keep you locked in and dependent on their platform for life. They also make it costly or next to impossible to switch platforms after you start.

With Memberium, you have full ownership of your content on your site since it’s in your WordPress site that’s open source. You can see all the code involved.

You have the freedom to change, extend or add anything to your site as you see fit. You can even change membership platforms easily down the line if you want. Having this level of flexibility is essential if you’re serious about growing your business.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Because I am in the eCommerce space I have tried a lot of tools and services. I can be a little jaded and am usually disappointed with the tool or the customer service. Memberium customer service is world class and for once the promises on the sales page where almost an undersell for what I was able to create. I feel like I looked at every plug in available- they are the best option and the integration is like butter!

I am blown away with the advanced features I was able to build into my site in just a few short weeks. I came from Rainmaker- and while I loved some things about it, I wish I had moved to Memberium sooner. We have already migrated a good chunk of our customers over and they are loving it.
Robyn Johnson
CEO of Marketplace Blueprint
I think I own every membership plugin there is and have to say that I am incredibly happy with Memberium and their support.

One of the best support services I have come across online and certainly a very flexible and robust membership plugin.

After trying almost everything under the sun, I have to say that this is my selection for membership and content distribution.
Boris Savransky
Infusionsoft Marketplace Review

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