Memberium for ActiveCampaign No Longer Requires IonCube

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We’re excited to announce that Memberium for ActiveCampaign no longer requires IonCube to run on your site.

In the latest update of Memberium for ActiveCampaign (v1.151), IonCube is no longer needed to have Memberium for ActiveCampaign or Memberium for Infusionsoft to run on your site.

Why the change?

We recognized that many of our customers had issues with getting the PHP extension “IonCube Loader” installed on their hosting accounts. We want to make Memberium for ActiveCampaign as easy as possible to use. The code behind Memberium for ActiveCampaign is no longer encrypted and is able to be viewed by anyone.

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What do I need to do?

Nothing. As long as you’re on version 1.151 or higher (How do I update Memberium?), Memberium will simply not need IonCube. Should your web host remove the IonCube extension from their servers, your Memberium plugin will not be affected.

PHP Compatibility

Although IonCube is not required anymore, you do still need to be on a compatible PHP version. Memberium currently supports a minimum of PHP 7.0. Anything higher than PHP 7.0+ can be used, including PHP 7.4.

If you’re using WP Engine, you can now upgrade your hosting to PHP 7.4 with no issues when using Memberium for Activecampaign.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions, reach out to our support team by clicking here.

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