How Users Can Reset Their Passwords with Memberium for ActiveCampaign?

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In this article we’ll be talking about how you can allow your users to reset their passwords using Memberium shortcode and WordPress default reset password form.

To start, we’ll first cover how passwords are stored in Memberium for ActiveCampaign version…

Once you run password generation web hook in ActiveCampaign and once password is generated for particular user, it will be stored in users ActiveCampaign record in the selected password field. (that’s the field you’ve selected in Memberium => Settings => CRM Password Field). That same password will also be stored in WordPress.

Once user has successfully logged in to the website for the first time, password will be removed from users ActiveCampaign user record field and you won’t be able to see the password in ActiveCampaign anymore.

At this point, password can only be changed in WordPress. Password field in ActiveCampaign won’t have any impact on the current password that user has.

How to allow your users to change their password?

First of all, you’ll need [memb_lost_password] shortcode.

You’ll put [memb_lost_password] shortcode on the page on which you want to allow your users to reset their password.

Example of how [memb_lost_password] looks like on the site

Once your logged out user fills in it’s WordPress username or email and submits the form, he’ll receive an email that will look something like this:

Email that’s being sent once [memb_lost_password] form has been submitted

Now, user needs to click on the link and a page like on the screenshot below should open. In there, user can set the new password he wants to use. Once saved, new password will be users main password which he can use to login into the site.

Page that will be shown once user clicks on the link from the reset password email


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