How Users Can Reset Their Passwords with Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can allow your users to reset their passwords using one of the Memberium shortcodes. This shortcode uses the default WordPress Password Reset functionality. We’ll walk you through step-by-step on setting this up.


This article covers how to allow your non-logged in users to reset their password.
If you’re wanting to allow your logged in users to change their password, please use the [memb_change_password] shortcode.

To start, we’ll first cover how passwords are stored in Memberium for ActiveCampaign.

Once you run the password generation webhook in ActiveCampaign and a password has been generated for a user, it will be temporarily stored in the  ActiveCampaign record for that user. The password will also be stored in a secure manner inside the WordPress database. It’s not stored in plaintext.

Once the user has successfully logged in to the website for the first time, the password will be removed from the ActiveCampaign record and you won’t be able to see the password in ActiveCampaign anymore.

At this point, the password can only be changed through WordPress. The password field in ActiveCampaign won’t have any impact on the current password. That field is primarily used to send emails to users with their Memberium generated password.

How to allow your users to reset their password

First, you’ll need the [memb_lost_password] shortcode.

You’ll put the [memb_lost_password] shortcode on a page which you want to allow your users to reset their password. Make sure this page isn’t protected since logged out users will be accessing the page. You can also put this shortcode on your login page.

Example of how [memb_lost_password] looks like on the site

Once a user fills out the form, they’ll receive an email that will look something like this:

The email that’s sent once the [memb_lost_password] form has been submitted
Now, the user needs to click on the link and a page like the one below will open. From there, the user can set the new password they want to use. Once saved, the new password will be the only password which can be used to login into the site.

The page that shows once the user clicks on the link from the reset password email

Customizing the Experience

You may want to customize how the shortcode looks, how the emails are worded, and the branding on the “Set New Password” page. If so, there are options outside of Memberium to do this.

The shortcode/form generated by Memberium can be styled with CSS just like all of our other shortcodes.

The other items will require a little more work since they’re controlled entirely by WordPress and not Memberium. The easiest way to customize the emails is by using a plugin such as this (Email Templates) which gives you the options to change all the emails sent out by WordPress.

Lastly, customizing the logo on that page is possible using custom coding or another plugin such as this one (Login Logo).

We haven’t fully tested the above plugins, but want to share them to give you an idea of what we’re referring to. We won’t be able to provide support for those plugins, but if you have any difficulty using our [memb_lost_password] shortcode, please reach out to our support team.

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