How To Send Automated Login Reminder Emails to Members Who Forget to Login

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Keeping members engaged on your site can be a challenge. One tool you can use to improve retention and engagement is reminding your users to log back into the site.

Sending reminder emails manually would take a lot of time and would be difficult to keep track of.

In this short guide, I’ll show you how to automate the entire process and improve member engagement.

1) Create the First Automation

This automation will have no trigger, a delay/wait timer with the time you want to wait before sending the first reminder email, and then the email itself.

The delay timer you set determines how long, from the time a member logged in last, until they receive the reminder email. We recommend setting this to 7 days or more.

2) Create the Second Automation

This automation will be triggered when a user logs into Memberium.

This automation will stop the first automation if a member is already in it to prevent the email reminder from being sent. Then it will restart the automation so the countdown restarts.

3) Configure Memberium to Run the Second Automation when a Member Logs In

Lastly, set the second automation to be triggered when a user logs into the site. This is under Memberium > Settings > Login (see below)

Additional Options

In the first automation, you can extended it by adding more wait timers and emails as shown here:

As you can see above, you can easily chain multiple emails with varying messages and timings.

If the member has yet to login after the 7 day wait period, you may want to send an email sooner to try and engage them again.

Adding more emails won’t change anything in that if the user logs in after receiving the second email they will be pulled out of this automation and won’t receive the last email.

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