How to Increase Your Members Engagement by Sending Automated Login Reminder Emails

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Keeping members engaged on your site can be a challenge. One tool you can use to improve retention and engagement is reminding your users to log back into the site.

Sending reminder emails and SMS messages manually would take a lot of time and would be difficult to keep track of.

In this short guide, I’ll show you how to automate the entire process and improve member engagement. We’re also including a free automation you can import right into your ActiveCampaign account. This will save you time in creating the reminder emails as we’ve already written them out – you just fill in the blanks.

Free Login Reminder Automation Template
We're giving you 2 pre-written login reminder emails and an SMS message all already set up in an ActiveCampaign automation you can import right now. ​
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1) Create the First Automation
[Import Template]

Here’s a screenshot of the automation you’ll import (instructions shortly).

The automation has no trigger. It will be triggered by a second automation we’ll cover shortly.

We’ve configured this to send an email after 3 days of a member not logging in. If they still don’t log in after an additional 4 days, they’ll get a second email. If they still haven’t logged in, it’s possible they’re not getting the emails, so we’ve configured a text message to be sent.

Import the Automation

Importing the automation is simple. Copy this link and go to the Automations page in ActiveCampaign and click “Create an Automation”

Then click on the “Import an automation” button

Lastly, paste in the link ( and press “Import”

Update Emails and SMS Message

After importing, you will need to make some changes. Specifically, you’ll need to go through the emails and replace anything that has [brackets] around it. These are placeholders that if replaced should leave you with fully written email copy.

Update the subject line, from email address, reply-to email address, and the senders mailing address. From there, move to the next step.

Update Autologin Link

Also in the email, we’ve included an autologin link. This link lets members click on it to be taken straight to the course without them needing to enter their login details.

If you check what’s linked, you’ll see this:

The domain, auth_key, and redirect at the end need to be changed.

You can find a prebuilt link for your site (with the correct domain and auth key) by going to Memberium > Settings > Webhooks/Links:

Copy that link, and just replace the ending /yourpage/ with the relative permalink of your course. For example, if your course was located at then you’d place “/courses/goldcourse/” at the end.

2) Create the Second Automation

There will be no set start trigger for this automation. Memberium will trigger this automation when a member logs into the site.

This automation will stop the first automation if a member is already in it to prevent the email reminders from being incorrectly sent.

Then it will restart the automation it just stopped so the wait timer will be “reset” in a sense.

Now, we’ve not included anyway for you to import this automation since it’s extremely simple for you to setup. Just create what you see in the picture above and make sure the automation it is stopping and starting is the one you just imported.

3) Configure Memberium to Trigger the Second Automation when a Member Logs In

Lastly, set the second automation to be triggered when a user logs into the site. This is under Memberium > Settings > Login (see below)

Additional Options

You can customize the first automation as needed. You can remove the SMS option, add more emails, change the length of the wait actions, etc.

As you can see above, you can easily chain multiple emails with varying messages and timings.

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Table of Contents

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