How to Protect Elementor Elements with Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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Memberium for ActiveCampaign will allow you to protect Elementor elements, sections, columns, and more. Memberium provides a menu inside of Elementor that gives you many options for securing your content. The advantage of using the Memberium Elementor integration is that you don't need to use any shortcodes.


To ensure the integration is present, make sure you're using the latest version of Memberium.

Video Guide:

Step 1:

Open the page that you want to edit with Elementor and simply select the element/widget that you want to protect with Memberium. Elementor

Step 2:

Go to the Advanced tab and then click on "Memberium" which will expand that dropdown. Memberium Elementor integration

Step 3:

You will be presented with protection options for that specific element. Tag IDs, Membership Levels, Contact ID, and Logged Out/In Status are the main settings. Memberium elementor You'll also notice the option for a “PHP Boolean Expression”. This field allows you to specify WordPress or Memberium PHP functions, such as is_user_logged_in(), memb_hasMembership(), memb_hasAnyTags(), etc. Normally, this field will only be used by developers or those with PHP experience.
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