How to Integrate Sensei LMS with Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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In this article, we’ll show you how you can use Sensei, along with Memberium for ActiveCampaign, in order to protect your courses.

Sensei LMS is currently offered for free on the WordPress repository here. They do offer a couple paid extensions, but all the core functionality is offered at no cost.

Sensei / Memberium Integration Features

  • Automated Course Enrollment
  • Lesson access controlled by tags
  • Course completion tags
  • Lesson completion tags
  • Run course and lesson completion automations
  • Run course and lesson comment automations

Automated Course Enrollment

You can use tags to automate enrolling users into Sensei courses. Like our other LMS integrations, users without the tag will be removed from the course if their enrollment tag is removed. In order to auto-enroll users into specific course, you can just add the tag/s in the “AutoEnroll Tags” field, meaning all users that have either of those tags will be auto-enrolled.

Sensei Memberium Integration section

Sensei Course and Lesson Access

Because Sensei courses and lessons are built using WordPress custom post types, they inherit the full set of Memberium access controls, enabling you to control access at both the course and lesson level based on tags and membership levels.

Sensei Course and Lesson Completion

Once users complete course or lesson, you can apply tags. In order to specify which tags you’ll apply on completion, you can navigate to “Sensei Memberium Integration” section and tags in the “Apply these Tags” field.

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