How to Generate Passwords for Users that Exist Only in ActiveCampaign

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Your users are currently in ActiveCampaign and they don’t have a WordPress record? You want them to access your membership site, but since they don’t have a password, you are wondering what is the best way to go? Here’s how you can make this happen…

Before we start, we need to check if you have selected a password field in Memberium. In order to do that, you’ll need to navigate to Memberium => Settings => Login tab.

Selecting an ActiveCampaign password field in Memberium

Once you have a field set there, we can proceed to working in ActiveCampaign. In ActiveCampaign, we’ll create an automation which will be used to generate a password and email it to your users. You’re welcome to add more things to the automation or customize the emails as needed. The two most important parts in the automation are the password generation web hook and the email that contains the password. Apart from those, you can add other things you want to happen when a user signs up.

Once you have created the automation, you’ll need to add a password generation web hook. That can be found in Memberium => Settings =>¬†Web Hooks/Links tab =>¬†Password Generator Example:). Once complete, we need to send the email with the login credentials that have just been generated.

Here’s how basic password generation automation looks like

Below is the example of the welcome email that consists username and password of the user…

Example of the welcome email

Since our automation is now fully created, we can start adding users into it. In the example automation we’ve created, users can be added if the tag “Test” is applied (or if we manually add users to the automation without applying the tag).

After adding all the desired users, you’ll see that each user is now in WordPress, has a password, and was sent an email with that password along with other login details that you included. Please note that password will be removed from the ActiveCampaign password field as soon as the user logs in to the site for the first time. This is a security function of Memberium as storing plaintext passwords in insecure. The user’s password will be stored in the WordPress database where it is hashed.

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