How to create a test user in Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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Have you just introduced a new feature on your membership site and you want to see how it works for regular non-admin users? In this article, we’ll cover one of the most common questions – how to create a test user with Memberium for ActiveCampaign?

Please note
Using WordPress admin users or users that don’t sync with ActiveCampaign (don’t have an ActiveCampaign user record) you won’t be able to fully test how Memberium shortcodes work.
Therefore, you should create a non-admin WordPress user who has an ActiveCampaign record in order to properly test how Memberium shortcodes work.

Step 1
First of all, we’ll need to get a password generation webhook which we’ll be using in the ActiveCampaign automation. In order to get that, we’ll navigate to Memberium => Settings => Web Hooks/Links tab. From that page, we’ll copy the link from “Password Generator Example:” field.

Step 2
We’ll need to create an automation which we’ll use in order to generate a password for our test user. In case you already have a password generation automation, you can use that too. But, since we want to keep things simple and avoid any confusion with any existing password generation automation out there, we’ll create a new one that will be used only in case we need to create a test user.

Our password generation automation will be very simple. It will only have one webhook element and it won’t have any triggers (since we’ll be manually adding test users into it). Of course, you can modify it to suit your needs, but this is the working minimum.

Step 3
Once we’ve saved our automation and made it “Active”, we can now proceed with creating a test user in ActiveCampaign. In this case, we’ll be using a “dummy” email, since we don’t actually need to get an email.

Please note that in case you’ll need to test how emails are delivered and you’ll need a valid email address, you can use 3rd party temp email solutions (example: or you can use your other email address.

As soon as we type in the First name, Last name and the Email, we’ll add the user into the automation we’ve created in Step 2. Once that’s done, a password should be generated and we can log in into the site.

Please note that as soon as we log in for the first time, the password will be removed from the user’s ActiveCampaign record, so you won’t be able to retrieve it. You can only manually reset the password in WordPress user editor.