How to Create a Custom Branded Login Page using Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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If you had to choose between the login form on the left or the right, you’d obviously pick the one on the right. It looks way more professional.

Having a custom branded login page that you control can provide a much better experience than the standard WordPress login page. This short guide will show you how to create a custom, branded login page without requiring any other plugins or custom code.

The built-in page has a number of drawbacks such as extra link options and a WordPress logo that will take your users to instead of to your homepage. You’re potentially driving members away from your site.

Create a Page for Your Custom Login Page

First, create a new page on your site, and name it something simple, like “Login”. You can style this page however you want, including adding copy and graphics of your choosing.

If you’re using our Memberium Page Templates, we include two login pages already designed and setup. You just need to add your logo. One is already pictured above and the other one I’ve included below:

If you don’t want to use our page templates, move to the next step after creating a new blank page.

Add the Login Shortcode to the Page

After you’ve created your page, you’ll just want to place the following shortcode on the page.


That shortcode will show the login form to members who aren’t already logged in. You can add more design elements, logos, text, and links as needed to the page.

Save and Publish your new page.

Optional Pro Tip

You can have the Login page redirect already logged in users to your membership dashboard with a few simple options. This step can help cut down on your user’s confusion if they end up on your login page after they’ve already logged in. Set the page permissions to “Logged Out Only”

Set the Prohibited action on the page to “Redirect”

Set the Redirect URL to the page where your membership dashboard is.

Test the New Page

Open a new browser and go to your login page. Try logging in with either an admin user or a regular user (or both). Memberium’s codes generate standard WordPress logins, so any kind of login should work fine.

Redirect wp-login.php to your new Page

Once you’re confident that your new login page is working, go to Memberium -> Settings, and scroll down and find the “Login Page” option, and set it to your newly created page.

How To Get In if Locked Out

If you accidentally set the wrong page in the above setting and you can’t reach a login page, you can override the system and access the old wp-login.php page by using the following URL: (replace the domain with your site)

Need Help?

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If you need immediate assistance, contact our support team.

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