How to Configure CloudFlare for use with Memberium for ActiveCampaign

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When using CloudFlare with Memberium, you may run into these issues.

Content Caching

Memberium is designed to deliver personalized content to each individual logged in visitor on your site. CloudFlare’s goal is to deliver the same content to all visitors on your site. CloudFlare may deliver private content intended for a logged in visitor, to another logged in visitor, or to a random user on your site.

Webhook Issues

CloudFlare may block Membeium webhooks from reaching the site. These webhooks are sent from ActiveCampaign to your webserver. You’ll want to disable Cloudflare’s security for the specified URLs listed below. This allows you to keep the majority of your site protected by Cloudflare, while allowing the webhooks to work as intended.


Configuring CloudFlare

Go to the CloudFlare Page Rules settings page, and create a 3 new rules for your domain.

The URL’s (one per page rule) should be the following with the asterisk included:


Use the following settings on each of the page rules. The labels or settings names may change. If in doubt, please contact CloudFlare support if you have any questions.

  • Forwarding: Off
  • Custom Caching: Bypass Caching
  • Browser Cache TTL: Lowest Possible Time
  • Always Online: Off
  • Apps: On
  • Performance: Off
  • Security: Off
  • SSL: Off
  • Security Level: Essentially Off
  • Browser Integrity Check: Off

Test various action such as logging in and out of your site with different users and ensure that the correct information is being displayed for each user.

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