How to allow access to WordPress admin Dashboard for non-admin users?

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When it comes to a membership site, apart from having admin and subscriber users, you might also need other user roles to be able to do a set of tasks in the back end. Editors, for example, can help you with managing content on the site and they don’t need to have a record in your ActiveCampaign app. In this short guide, you’ll learn how you can allow how to allow access to the WordPress dashboard based on the WordPress user capabilities your user has (

Allowing access to the WordPress Dashboard:

Go to Memberium > Settings > Site Security tab > WordPress Dashboard > and in there you can add specific Capabilities user must have in order to be able to access WordPress Dashboard (/wp-admin/),

For complete information on what are the different capabilities for different roles, check here.

This will allow Roles with the “Edit Dashboard” task listed to have access to the WordPress Dashboard.

Same way, you can also add the capabilities in the “Title Bar Access” field in order for WordPress title bar to be shown for users that have those specific capabilities listed in the “Title Bar Access” field.

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