Ultimate Guide to Fixing Issues with Password Generation Webhook

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In this guide, we’ll give an example of an ideal automation for password generation and also how to fix any issues that you face with it.

If you haven’t already setup your Onboarding Automation, please see this guide which will walk you through a few simple steps to get going.

Common Issues and How to Resolve Them:

Common Issues

Let’s look at some of the common issues surrounding the password generation webhook and how to resolve them. If you’re issue isn’t listed or your stuck at any time, contact our support team. We’re here to help.

Passwords being removed from ActiveCampaign

If the password is being removed from ActiveCampaign, then you might want to check if the user has logged in to the site.

If the user has logged in, then, in this case, Memberium removed the password from the password field in ActiveCampaign and it is now only stored in WordPress as explained at the starting of this article. This is an intended feature to improve security.

Storing passwords in plaintext is not a safe or secure practice. We’ve minimized this by only storing it there temporarily so you can send it to your users in the welcome email. After that point, it will be stored hashed in the WordPress database.

Emails being sent with blank password

One reason for emails being sent with blank passwords could be that your email template might not be using the correct placeholder for the password field you setup.

For example, you might be using %PASSWORD% when the field you created/chose is actually %MEMBERSHIP_PASSWORD%.

password placeholder AC

ActiveCampaign calls this placeholder a Personalization Tag. You can view the Personalization Tag from Forms > Manage Fields, and then use the correct Personalization tag in the email template.

BONUS TIP: When sending emails, we’d suggest you to use an email address from your domain name and not a generic Gmail address. This ensures maximum email deliverability rate. You can change your “From” email address and name when editing the email template.

Verify the Webhook Link is Correct


Have you recently started using HTTPS on your site? If so, then you’ll need to change your Password generator webhook to start with HTTPS.

Example: https://yourdomain.com/?job=createuser&key=K5ymgeegw1

Notice that it starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP. You’d need to make this change in your automation.

Is the Domain Correct?

If your site is on a subdomain or subdirectory, make sure that shows in the webhook link you’ve set in ActiveCampagin to generate passwords. For example, academy.yoursite.com, yoursite.com/academy, and yoursite.com are all different sites.

Make sure the webhook link in ActiveCampaign has the correct URL. If you access your site at members.yoursite.com, then the webhook should look like https://members.yoursite.com/?job=createuser&key=K5ymgeegw1

Is the Authentication Key Correct?

The last thing to check in the link is that the authentication key is correct. That is the part typically at the end.

Example: https://yourdomain.com/?job=createuser&key=K5ymgeegw1

To verify it is correct, go to Memberium > Settings > Login Tab > Scroll down to the bottom…

Is your Homepage protected?

In some cases, the homepage of the website is protected which can be a problem. Our default Password generator webhook example uses the homepage, but if your homepage is protected, you can simply change the page in the webhook. Here’s how:

Let’s say the default webhook is:


Since your homepage is protected, this won’t generate the password. You’d need to use a non-protected page for this, which can be your Login page such as


(notice the /login/ part in the URL).

Is Memberium running on the frontend?

You can check if Memberium is running on frontend by checking the page source of the homepage of your site. Right-click your homepage and then click “View Page Source.” Here’s a screenshot of this:

Memberium frontend

If you’re unable to view this highlighted part in the screenshot, then it means that Memberium is not running on the frontend.

In these cases, Memberium support will be able to help you determine and resolve the issue.

Delay in password generation

Normally there shouldn’t be any delay when it comes to password generation, but if there’s a delay then you might want to check your automation for any delay timer.

We’ve noticed some users place a 5 minute delay timer after the webhook, and then send the Welcome email but normally the delay timer is not needed. You might want to remove the delay timer and test out the automation again.

Ultimately, delayed email sending is caused by ActiveCampaign and you should reach out to their support since Memberium has no control of it.

Test it out!

Once you’ve configured everything, its a good idea to test out your complete signup/purchase process and see how it goes. To test, you can use a new email address and then use it to signup/purchase as a user and check if you’re getting a proper email with login details and also sign in to the site and check if the user is getting proper access to the protected pages. Testing might take a few minutes, but it’s very important!

Still Stuck?

If you’re still stuck after reading through and applying this guide, please reach out to our support team so we help you resolve this. We’re here 7 days a week to assist you any way we can with Memberium.

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