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Memberium for ActiveCampaign – Fast User List Enabled

Memberium’s Fast User List feature enables you to speed up loading times when you view the user list. This enhancement is for the WordPress backend and has the potential to save you a lot of time.

New Feature

This feature was recently released in version 1.170. If you experience any issues or need assistance updating your Memberium plugin, please contact support.

The Problem – WP User List Loads Slowly

If you’re running a large membership site or have many users created in WordPress, you’ve probably noticed that when you access the WordPress Users list that it loads slowly. The problem is made worse when more columns load, such as the LearnDash course listings and roles of each user.

Here’s an example of what the user list usually looks like:

The Solution – Enable Fast User List

You can significantly improve the loading time of the WordPress user list by enabling Memberium’s Fast User List feature.

This feature is found under Memberium > Settings > Performance > Admin Performance:

Once you enable the setting and press the “Update” button, Memberium will strip out the excess columns and leave you with the Username, Name, and Email in the user list.

No data is deleted or removed. Memberium just hides it, which makes the page load significantly faster. If you need to see the data, click into the user record where all the data is viewable.

Here is what the user list looks like with Memberium’s Fast User List enabled…

“I’m not seeing this feature on my site.”

If you’re not seeing the “Fast User List” option in Memberium Settings, check two things.

  1. Are you a Memberium Pro or Advanced member?
    To use Memberium’s fast user list feature, you will need to be a Pro or Advanced member. If you’re currently on Starter or Standard, you can easily upgrade by contact support. We will prorate your existing subscription and upgrade you to the plan you want. Just send an email to from the email you used to signup with Memberium.
  2. Are you on the latest version?
    You can update your Memberium plugin to our latest release by going to your WordPress admin screen->Plugins and searching for Memberium and hitting update. Alternatively, you can go to Memberium -> Support -> Updates tab -> Memberium Manual Updater and selecting the latest version from the dropdown.

    While updating to our latest version, you’d need to make sure that you check “confirm update” before hitting save options to complete the update process.

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