Presales FAQ's

Yes, switching from ActiveMember360 or AccessAlly is simple. We’ve written detailed guides to assist you through the migration process.

If you’re moving from ActiveMember360, please review this guide for instructions on migrating.

If you’re moving from AccessAlly, use this guide made specifically for AccessAlly to Memberium migrations.

If you’re moving from MemberPress, check this guide made specifically for MemberPress to Memberium migrations.

If you’re moving from any other platform, review this guide.

Our main development system is running on Nginx/FPM with MariaDB.

We are designed to run on…


YES! Most of our clients run Apache or a mix of Apache and Nginx.


Yes, we love the Apache alternatives. Lighttpd is a great web server option; fast and easy to work with – much like Nginx.

Load Balancers

YES! We love load balancers. Memberium is designed to work with Load Balancers using both sticky and non-sticky sessions. Please verify with your tech team that the load balancer is not blocking HTTP POSTs.


Yes, Memberium works great with MariaDB, as a faster and more efficient alternative to MySQL.


YES! Memberium runs great with ModPHP on Apache.


Yes, Memberium works GREAT with Nginx, which is faster and easier to scale than Apache.


Yes, Memberium works great with PHP-FPM. Note that we do NOT support versions of PHP older than 5.4 for performance, security and reliability reasons.


Yes, Memberium works great with SSL.

W3 Total Cache

YES! Memberium works great with W3 Total Cache. You just need to be sure to disable page caching. Page Caching does the opposite of what we’re using membership software for. It provides every visitor with the same page, whereas Memberium is designed to deliver a custom experience to each of your users. Even without Page Caching W3TC can be a great tool for scaling your site, since it provides a great many optimizations and features beyond page caching. As with any tool that alters the behavior of your WordPress site, test it well before deploying it in production.

WordPress Multisite

YES! We support WordPress MultiSite as of version 2.40. Each site can be set up to connect to a different Infusionsoft application, or the same application can share the same cache data between multiple sites.


Yes, Memberium works great with xCache; we can leverage xCache, APC and Memcache’s APIs for caching. Unlike 3rd party systems such as W3 Total Cache, our internal caching system is designed with the awareness of our function.

The Bad News


Cloudflare is an external caching system. We don’t recommend caching your membership site using Cloudflare. If you run your site in a subdirectory, you can use Cloudflare with your main site, and set up an exception for your Memberium powered site by excluding that URL. CloudFlare’s tools may also block access to ActiveCampaign Webhooks.

Limelight CRM

Sorry, we don’t support LimeLight CRM. If you’d like to see LimeLight supported please do let us know.


Sorry, we don’t support Ontraport or Office AutoPilot. If you’d like to see Ontraport supported please do let us know.


Sorry, we don’t support SalesForce. If you’d like to see SalesForce supported please do let us know.

WishList Member

WishList Member is a great plugin, but if you’re planning to migrate a site from WishList Membership system, unfortunately, you can’t run both plugins at once during your transition since they will both fight to take over access control of your site.

I don’t see what I’m looking for?

If you don’t see your favorite technology here, feel free to ask us!

There are various reasons to use Memberium when compared to other membership plugins. We’ll quickly try to cover some of the top reasons our customers choose us.

More Control

With Memberium for ActiveCampaign, you have control over your site, your data, how and where your data is stored, and even what membership plugin to use. Should you decide to move away from us, we’ll be sad, but we won’t lock in any of your content. Your users will be able to use the same passwords and access the same content. It’s simple: there is no platform lock-in. We want you to keep using Memebrium because you’re happy with it - not because it’s a hassle to leave.

We’re aware that many customers move to us because the platform they were using wouldn’t add or support a certain feature. Memberium alleviates this by not locking you into any platform and opens you up to the endless possibilities WordPress provides in terms of functionality.



Rather than have us divide our efforts and provide functionality you may or may not need, we choose to integrate with plugins leading in their category/industry. Doing this ensures you always have the latest features and further reduces platform lock-in. Should you come across a feature we don’t have - it’s possible another plugin we integrate with provides it.

Specifically, we integrate with most of the popular page builders and include 24 prebuilt templates for Elementor. These templates will allow you to get your site up and running quickly without having to worry about creating the required but generally standard pages. Focus on building your content and use our page templates to launch.



Memberium has a fully staffed support team that’s excited to assist you 7 days a week. We respond to most emails during business hours in under 30 minutes. Everything is tracked through our ticketing system for your convenience. 

Our goal in support is to help leaders, like yourself, empower others through your membership site. We’ll help with the technical side, so you can focus on what matters most.


Reputable and Reliable

The items listed above have caught the attention of many top internet marketers and site owners who rely on Memberium to power their sites. Names you might be familiar with are Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer, Heath Waters, Don Pezet, and many others.

All of our customers need reliability when it comes to protecting their content. Usually, that’s what they’re selling. By using Memberium, they have access to our support team 7 days a week, they receive regular updates, and always have the latest features Memberium has to offer.

Memberium for ActiveCampaign offers 3 different licenses. Currently, there are no feature differences, however, our Umbrella Accounts feature is on the table to be released for ActiveCampaign. When it’s released, it will be made a Pro and Advanced feature only.

Setting the feature difference aside, the biggest difference is how many sites you’re able to license and how they’re actually licensed.


The Standard license lets you use Memberium for ActiveCampaign on one domain. This includes subdomains and subdirectories. For instance,,, and could all be licensed under this plan.

For clarity, you can even use Memberium on all 3 of those domains with just a single license. When you sign-up for Memberium, we’ll ask you for the root domain name, “” for example, and that’s all we need for the license.

You can change or update your license at any time.


The Pro license is different from the Standard license in that we don’t even ask for the domain name. Instead, we only need the ActiveCampaign app name.

In the example above, the app name is “mmmastery”

Any site connected to the licensed app will have full access to Memberium and all of its features. You are not limited in the number of sites or domains. The only limit is that all the sites must be connected to the same ActiveCampaign app.

This license is good if you run multiple sites or if you need one of the Pro/Advanced features.


The Advanced license is exactly the same as the Pro license except we grant you 3 ActiveCampaign app names to license at a discounted price when compared to buying 3 Pro licenses.

The plan should only be purchased if you need multiple Pro licenses.


Getting started with Memberium is simple whether you’re new to membership sites or you’re migrating from another platform. Either way, we’ve put together a getting started guide you can use to find our migration docs and our video tutorials.

Going through those linked resources will guide you through setting up your site with Memberium. Then, you can refer to our actionable video tutorials and other documentation to implement more advanced features.

Only WordPress and ActiveCampaign are needed to use Memberium for ActiveCampaign. However, you may desire additional functionality that other plugins we integrate with may provide. 

As an example, ActiveCampaign doesn’t provide any order form system, so you’d need another plugin or product to provide this functionality if you plan on accepting payments. The good thing about this is that if you ever move away from Memberium – you’re only leaving Memberium and not losing all your orders and payment data. The same goes for if you want to change the order form system – you just lose that data (if it can’t be migrated) and all your Memberium settings stay in-tact.

If you need help determining if we have certain functionality, please reach out support team who can quickly let you know and assist you in determining if Memberium is right for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t give it to you for free outright. But, if for any reason you’re not happy with Memberium during your first 30 days of signing up, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked.

Our main goal is to make our customers happy and provide you with the best membership site plugin possible, which is why we stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Billing FAQ's

You can cancel your account anytime by emailing with a message saying that you’d like to cancel. If the event arises where your account is charged after you’ve requested a cancellation you will automatically be granted a full refund.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll give you your money back!

All orders come with a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t have a good experience or aren’t happy with Memberium, just let us know within your first 30 days and we’ll issue you a prompt & full refund, no questions asked.

Standard Licenses

If you need to move your license from one domain to another, we can easily support that.

Moving your site to a different directory, or to/from a subdomain also does not require coordination, since we automatically license all sites anywhere on your domain and all of its subdomains.

If you do need a domain change, please contact us here at Memberium Support, and let us know which domain you are moving from, and which domain you are moving to. If you need to schedule the switch please let us know, otherwise, we will assume it is desired for immediate change. Domain changes usually take only a few minutes once we start the process.

To update your new site, go to Memberium->Dashboard and click the “Renew License” button until the trial message disappears.

Pro Licenses

Pro licenses are not licensed based on the domain. Instead, we license your entire ActiveCampaign app and any Memberium site that is connected to your app will be fully licensed. If you need to switch the app that’s licensed, contact us as Memberium Support.

Notes for Developers working on Client Sites

If you are a developer working on behalf of a licensee and need to do the development on another server:

If the license is an unlimited license, then you can do your development on your own domain with no issues.

If the license is a domain license, you have two options:

* You can map a subdomain of the client’s domain to your dev server, and do your development there.

* You can temporarily move the license to your domain, simply email and CC: the license owner so we can verify the transfer. Once you’re ready to push it back live, let us know and we’ll move the license back to the original domain.

* Development on naked IP’s is not supported for domain licenses.

You can easily change your credit card information by logging into and clicking on update billing information.

Memberium Technical / Usage Related FAQ's

You can update your Memberium to our latest release by going to your WordPress admin screen->Plugins and searching for Memberium and hitting update.

Alternatively, you can update your Memberium to our latest beta from Memberium -> Support -> Updates tab -> Memberium Manual Updater and selecting the very latest version from the dropdown.

While updating to our latest version, you’d need to make sure that you check “confirm update” before hitting save options to complete the update process.

The answer to this will depend on how you’re collecting payments, but the overall concept is the same. Your payment gateway (WooCommerce, ThriveCart, Spiffy, etc.) will send the user details to ActiveCampaign and create a record in there for them. The payment system should also apply a tag which will, in turn, trigger an automation.

In that automation, you’ll use a Memberium for ActiveCampaign webhook. This webhook will add your users into WordPress and generate passwords for them if they don’t already have one.

Related Links

The  is a very handy content protection feature that Memberium provides.  This feature bypasses all the restrictions on the page if the user has come to the page through Google search results. This is useful if you want to provide teaser content for new users and then if they navigate to another page they’d be required to purchase or log in.

However, this can be exploited as there is nothing preventing users from going back to Google to try and find other protected links on your site. You can enable this page by page so that not all of your content can be accessed for free by Google users.

Note: This feature is not enabled by default and needs to be checked through the content protection box if you wish to use it.

Here’s a quick video overview of how the Amazon S3 integration works:

For instructions on setting this up, please see this step-by-step guide.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA, is a series of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI). HIPAA compliance is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and enforced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

When it comes to Memberium, we don’t host your site or enforce any workflows/handling of data. Due to this, we can’t address HIPAA directly. However, we can provide you some information that may be helpful.

  • We do not handle any of your customer’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • We do not have any logins or access to your sites or CRM.
  • We do not control which data elements you sync down from your CRM system.
  • We do not control which data you collect from your customers, or how you handle that data.
  • We do encrypt all data moving to and from the CRM system, and none of the data passes through our central systems.
  • All data stays on your server or in the CRM, and you’re responsible to maintain/verify that security.

It’s complex for us to be able to say your site would be HIPAA compliant based on so many factors involved and things outside of Memberium’s control. Based on that we cannot say that Memberium is 100% HIPAA compliant as a major portion of being compliant is factored around your data handling practices.

Instead of asking if Memberium or WordPress is HIPAA compliant, you should be looking at two main areas when it comes to the technical side:

  1. Is the CRM HIPAA compliant? (Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign both claim to offer HIPAA compliance)
  2. Is my webserver HIPAA compliant?

Understanding if your web host is compliant has a lot of factors that we’re not equipped to help you unravel. We’d strongly suggest you speak with a legal or compliance professional to get definitive answers.

The information provided is not to be used as legal advice rather we’re providing it to help you get a start on researching how a site running Memberium can be HIPAA compliant.

To add a user’s first name you would use:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName]

To add a users email address you would use:

[memb_contact fields=Email]

Refer to the memb_contact shortcode for more info on this and how to add other ActiveCampaign fields.

  • Install the WordPress plugin called ‘Widget Logic’, or install a similar plugin that allows you to conditionally control the appearance of widgets.
  • At bottom of the widget under widget logic, choose from the following:

    = this widget will only be shown to logged in members (see the example screenshot below)


    = this widget will only be shown to non-logged in members (see the example screenshot below)

If you want to create your own custom login page and not use the default WordPress page, you can add the [memb_loginform] shortcode to a new WordPress page called ‘Login’, it can also be added to a widget or theme template.

If you want to include a ‘Forgot password?’ password link below the login form, add the [memb_lost_password] shortcode to a new WordPress page called ‘Forgot Password’ and add a link to the new page below the login form.

Related Links:

Please see this video guide on adding or changing your site’s logo when using our custom page templates.

If you don’t already have the page templates, you can get them by contacting support.

In the simplest terms, having less data (tags/forms) being handled will be faster than having more data.

However, the amount of gain from deleting data is minor in most cases. As an example, if you had 300 tags and 50 lists, it would be unlikely that you would see a real world benefit to optimizing the number of tags and lists unless your server is already slow and/or underpowered.

Tags and lists are used on every login.

Tags are used constantly on every page when your users are accessing the site, and when you, as an admin, are editing pages and setting protections.

As an example of an extreme case, if you had 3,000 tags and 500 lists, you may run into some performance issues when editing the site simply due to the amount of time some page builders take to load those lists into the screen so you can use the dropdowns. Most screens don’t use dropdowns of lists, so they’re a lesser issue as well.

Forms are only used when you use the form shortcode, so the number of forms would no impact on performance.

If you do see slowdowns on your page editors, we can help you make some settings adjustments that limit which tags get displayed without actually deleting them, so that you’re not forced to do complex tag reorganization or deletion.