Why should I use Memberium over other membership plugins?

There are various reasons to use Memberium when compared to other membership plugins. We’ll quickly try to cover some of the top reasons our customers choose us.

More Control

With Memberium for ActiveCampaign, you have control over your site, your data, how and where your data is stored, and even what membership plugin to use. Should you decide to move away from us, we’ll be sad, but we won’t lock in any of your content. Your users will be able to use the same passwords and access the same content. It’s simple: there is no platform lock-in. We want you to keep using Memebrium because you’re happy with it – not because it’s a hassle to leave.

We’re aware that many customers move to us because the platform they were using wouldn’t add or support a certain feature. Memberium alleviates this by not locking you into any platform and opens you up to the endless possibilities WordPress provides in terms of functionality.



Rather than have us divide our efforts and provide functionality you may or may not need, we choose to integrate with plugins leading in their category/industry. Doing this ensures you always have the latest features and further reduces platform lock-in. Should you come across a feature we don’t have – it’s possible another plugin we integrate with provides it.

Specifically, we integrate with most of the popular page builders and include 24 prebuilt templates for Elementor. These templates will allow you to get your site up and running quickly without having to worry about creating the required but generally standard pages. Focus on building your content and use our page templates to launch.



Memberium has a fully staffed support team that’s excited to assist you 7 days a week. We respond to most emails during business hours in under 30 minutes. Everything is tracked through our ticketing system for your convenience. 

Our goal in support is to help leaders, like yourself, empower others through your membership site. We’ll help with the technical side, so you can focus on what matters most.


Reputable and Reliable

The items listed above have caught the attention of many top internet marketers and site owners who rely on Memberium to power their sites. Names you might be familiar with are Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer, Heath Waters, Don Pezet, and many others.

All of our customers need reliability when it comes to protecting their content. Usually, that’s what they’re selling. By using Memberium, they have access to our support team 7 days a week, they receive regular updates, and always have the latest features Memberium has to offer.

Ready to See How You Can Automate Your Course or Membership With Memberium for ActiveCampaign?

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