What are the differences between Standard, Pro, and Advanced?

Memberium for ActiveCampaign offers 3 different licenses. Currently, there are no feature differences, however, our Umbrella Accounts feature is on the table to be released for ActiveCampaign. When it’s released, it will be made a Pro and Advanced feature only.

Setting the feature difference aside, the biggest difference is how many sites you’re able to license and how they’re actually licensed.


The Standard license lets you use Memberium for ActiveCampaign on one domain (with no user limit). This includes subdomains and subdirectories. For instance, memberium.com, members.memberium.com, and memberium.com/members could all be licensed under this plan.

For clarity, you can even use Memberium on all 3 of those domains with just a single license. When you sign-up for Memberium, we’ll ask you for the root domain name, “memberium.com” for example, and that’s all we need for the license.

You can change or update your license at any time.


The Pro license is different from the Standard license in that we don’t even ask for the domain name. Instead, we only need the ActiveCampaign app name.

In the example above, the app name is “mmmastery”

Any site connected to the licensed app will have full access to Memberium and all of its features. You are not limited in the number of sites or domains. The only limit is that all the sites must be connected to the same ActiveCampaign app.

This license is good if you run multiple sites or if you need one of the Pro/Advanced features.


The Advanced license is exactly the same as the Pro license except we grant you 3 ActiveCampaign app names to license at a discounted price when compared to buying 3 Pro licenses.

The plan should only be purchased if you need multiple Pro licenses.

You can check out more details on all these plans on our pricing page.


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