How to Drip Feed Content using Memberium

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Drip feeding is a method through which you can deliver content through some pre-defined schedule to the user. It allows you to deliver the content in chunks, instead of delivering content all at once.

Why Use a Drip?

Drip feeding has several applications, and it benefits not just the membership site owner, but also people who consume the content.

Drip feeding has many advantages, let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • By delivering the content in smaller pieces, in a structured manner, it helps you protect your members from overwhelm by keeping them focused on the current material.
  • Increase retention by structuring member engagement.
  • The more content there is, the more effective drip feeding is in preventing overwhelm and maintaining focus.
  • For trial accounts or money-back guarantees, drip feeds can help prevent users from “raiding” the content before doing an intentional cancel.
  • To keep your students in sync with the teacher and other students.
  • For coordination of online and “real-world” events, content drips can help deliver content in a timely manner to our event.
  • Using a content drip allows the site owner to launch with less content completed. Since the content is is time-released, future content can be developed later, after the site launches.
  • The time-delayed delivery of content gives you an opportunity to test and measure how well your members are engaging with the content and pivot or correct your future content as needed.
  • Drip feeding can create additional revenue opportunities. If your content is already fully produced you can sell the ability to unlock all the content at once as an upsell offer for those who want unlimited access.

In this article, we’ll take a look at two different type of drips – simple evergreen drips and activity-based drips.

Simple Evergreen Drips

Implementing the simple evergreen drips is very simple. Each module is released on a set schedule determined by the date that each individual member starts the drip campaign. Each person in the drip will receive the same content on the same schedule relative to the start date.

Only members who start on the same date will receive the content at the same time.

Here’s how a simple evergreen drip will look like:

drip feed content

As you can see here, you’d apply the tags first, then send an email with new content details (optional) and then have a “Wait” process depending on your drip, it can be 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Tip: If you don’t want to create your Automation from scratch, then you can also search for “drip” when creating an Automation and then use the one that best suits your needs or the one that best comes closer to your needs and then you can customize it. This is a fast way to create your automation, instead of creating it from scratch.

automation for drip

Memberium also allows you to create drip tags in bulk so that you don’t have to create them one-by-one. To do this, go to Memberium > Memberships page, and create tags from “Create Drip Tags”.

Drip tags

Activity-Based Drips

An activity-based drip is a little more complex compared to an evergreen drip. In this type of drip, the content is controlled based on the user’s activity.

Each member moves through the drip at their own rate, pushed forward or held back by the drip. The drip can continue on a pre-set schedule or stop if the actions are not taken, depending on what works best for your particular case.

For this, you can use the “Wait” or “If/Else” actions in the automation to pause the automation until the user completes certain actions.

You can also start an activity-based drip by using shortcodes like [memb_automation_button], [memb_automation_link] or [memb_set_tag]. These shortcodes can start an automation when clicked, or you can apply the tag to the user and this tag can be used as a trigger in the automation.

Additional Notes

When implementing a drip system, it is important to have the Contact update webhook installed on your site.

If you don’t already have it installed, then you can do so from Memberium > ActiveCampaign page, and from “Webhooks” tab, select the list you want to attach webhook to and click on “Reinstall webhooks”. We have detailed guide on automating contact updates with list and webhook which you can check out.