Does ActiveCampaign have a free plan?

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As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to reduce costs and optimize your business. When it comes to marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is a great option with a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs. But does ActiveCampaign have a free plan? Keep reading to find out more.

Is there a free ActiveCampaign option?

ActiveCampaign does not have a free plan or option.

We don’t want to keep you waiting for that answer, but in the rest of this post we’ll explain why ActiveCampaign is worth paying for no matter what stage of business you’re in.

ActiveCampaign Offers 3 Different Plans

Right now, ActiveCampaign offers the Lite, Plus, and Professional plan. They also have an Enterprise plan but we won’t be covering that in this post as it’s not necessary for 95% of people reading this.

Lite Plan

The ActiveCampaign Lite Plan costs $15 per month for up to 500 contacts. This is a basic plan that lets you have one contact database, send unlimited emails to that contacts, and gives you access to the powerful automation tools ActiveCampaign is known for. The ActiveCampaign Lite Plan also comes with 4+ months free when you pay annually (the price goes down to $9/month).

Plus Plan

The ActiveCampaign Plus Plan costs $70 per month for 500+ contacts. It also comes with 4+ months free when you pay annually (the price goes down to $49/month).

This plan offers all of the features ActiveCampaign Lite does, plus a mobile app, SMS marketing, landing pages, and a few other things.

You’ll also be able to add up to 25 users vs. the 1 user you can have on the Lite plan. This means if you have a team, you’ll need this plan at a minimum.

Professional Plan

The ActiveCampaign Professional Plan costs $187 per month for 500 contacts. Paying annually brings it down to $149/month.

This plan offers all of the features ActiveCampaign Plus does, plus AI features like predictive sending, personalized website content, advanced automation rules, and conversion reporting.

Which ActiveCampaign Plan Do I Need?

It depends on the size of your business and how ActiveCampaign can help you grow. ActiveCampaign pricing is not flat, so when you add more contacts, the price goes up.

For example, if your current email list has around 3,000 subscribers/contacts in it and you’re sending out emails to all of them once a month or less, then ActiveCampaign Lite would be perfect for that scenario. You’ll need ActiveCampaign Plus when you want to start using their advanced features or need more users to help manage the account.

ActiveCampaign Professional will give you even more power but it’s not necessary for most people.

You can get ActiveCampaign Lite here, ActiveCampaign Plus here, and ActiveAdventure Professional here.

Is ActiveCampaign Worth Paying For?

Yes. ActiveCampaign is worth paying for no matter what stage of business you’re in because it can grow your business exponentially if you know how to use it properly.

ActiveCampaign has powerful automation features that marketers love and they also have a ton of free resources to help you learn more about marketing automation so you can quickly see results.

There are many ActiveCampaign reviews available online, so take the time to read them and ask around before making your final decision about ActiveCampaign pricing plans.

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