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Memberium for ActiveCampaign is continually being developed with performance and scalability in mind. Our new Turbo Mode feature is just one more tool we offer to help you increase site performance and scalability.

You can find the Turbo Mode option by going to the Memberium > Settings > Login tab.

Why Enable Turbo Mode?

Turbo Mode disabled the login time sync. When enabled, when your contacts/users/members log into your site, Memberium will not sync their record with ActiveCampaign. Typically, we will pull current contact data from ActiveCampaign during login.

The benefit of Disabling the Login Sync and Enabling Turbo Mode is that your login times can decrease significantly. Login time is reduced since Memberium does not need to contact ActiveCampaign to pull down the user’s record. Memberium will instead use a locally cached copy.

How Will Contact Records Be Updated?

To use this system without issues, you’ll want to ensure you’ve set up automated contact updates from ActiveCampaign. In other words, ActiveCampaign will automatically notify Memberium of updates to tags, contact fields, etc.

Follow our linked guide here to understand how this system works and how you can configure it on your site.


Are you interested in taking your site performance and scalability to the next level? Have questions about implementing this? Contact us by going to memberium.com/support.

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