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The Delete user webhook is used to delete a user from WordPress. This can be used to automate deleting old or inactive members from your WordPress site. Using this webhook will not remove the contact record from ActiveCampaign.


You’d need to create the webhook using the above example.

You’d replace the “mysecretkey” with the webhook auth key which you can find from Memberium > Settings > Web Hooks/Links page. Also you’d need to change with your site URL.

So as per this example, you can create your own delete user webhook.

delete user webhook


When the Webhook is run on a contact through the Automation in ActiveCampaign, that user will be deleted in WordPress.

Note that this will only delete the user from WordPress and NOT from ActiveCampaign. If you want the contact to be removed from ActiveCampaign, then you’ll have to manually delete the contact record.

Use at your own risk. Data deletion is permanent and irretrievable.


The delete user webhook has only one parameter.

Key: This is the webhook auth key. You can find this from Memberium > Settings > Web Hooks/Links page.

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