Beaver Builder + ActiveCampaign Integration: How to Protect Beaver Builder Blocks Using ActiveCampaign Tags & Memberium

Memberium — 


Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that allows you to create pages without needing to use or know any HTML or CSS code. You drag blocks straight onto the page or use their templates to load in pre-built pages.

Memberium integrates with several of the most popular page builders including Beaver Builder. We allow you to protect your content, individual blocks, and sections without needing to use code or shortcodes. You simply use a menu like the one below to protect your content:

You’ll get the option to protect content with membership levels, contact IDs, logged out/in status, tag IDs, or PHP boolean expressions. You can combine the different protection options for advanced access tests.

This box works the same as the Content Protection Metabox. The only difference is that if the user does not have access, the protected content simply won’t show.

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