How to Autologin your users once they make a purchase through ThriveCart

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Setting Up ThriveCart Autologin

ThriveCart provides powerful thank you page capabilities that Memberium integrates with to allow your ThriveCart funnel to autologin the user to your site. To setup ThriveCart autologin, perform the following steps:

1. Login to your ThriveCart account

2. Get your secret key. Click the gear icon in the top right then click on the “API and Webhooks” view button.

3. Next, click the “View Settings” button next to “ThriveCart API”.

4. You will see your secret key displayed. Copy this key.

Pro Tip
If you ever change this key inside of ThriveCart, be sure to update Memberium with the new key, or your connection with ThriveCart will no longer work.

5. Inside of Memberium, go to Memberium -> Settings -> Web Hooks/Links. Paste the ThriveCart secret key into the input box labeled “ThriveCart Secret Key”, and click the “Update” button.

Next, you can start setting up your ThriveCart funnels to autologin to Memberium. Each funnel will need to be set up, there is not a way to set up all funnels with a global setting.

Your basic ThriveCart Autologin URL is very simple, and looks like this:

Pro Tip
The Memberium Autologin Key is and should be different from the ThriveCart API key. If you get stuck with this, feel free to reach out to Memberium support and we’ll help you set this up.
You can also add additional parameters as described below to control aspects of the autologin.


You can use the “redir” parameter to redirect the user to a particular page after autologin. The redirect link can be an absolute link or a relative link but we do suggest using relative links.

Example usage:

For each product in ThriveCart, you need to set the autologin URL as the Success URL for that product’s sales funnel. You can do this with the following steps:

1. Edit the product

2. Click the “Fulfillment” tab > Enter your support email > Select “Send them to a URL” from the dropdown  > Paste your Autologin link into the “Success URL” input box.

3. Click on ‘Next’ until you get to the “Checkout” tab > Success Page > Set “When purchase is complete…” to ‘Redirect to your custom page’ from the dropdown.

Once you have finished all the steps, make sure you save the changes.

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