How to Show and Hide Elements with ActiveCampaign Tags using OptimizePress + Memberium

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ActiveCampaign + OptimizePress Integration for Memberships & Online Courses

If you’re using OptimizePress to build out your membership site alongside ActiveCampaign, you’re probably interested in knowing how you can pull in data dynamically and show/hide OptimizePress elements based on ActiveCampaign tags.

Luckily, Memberium works with OptimizePress to bring you a complete integration with ActiveCampaign.

You’ll be able to create pages that show different content for each member, show special offers to certain members, and personalize your pages with unique data from each member’s profile.

Personalizing OptimizePress Pages with ActiveCampaign Data

You can use Memberium’s content display shortcodes to embed dynamic data into your OptimizePress pages.

For examples, let’s say you want to show the currently logged in member’s first name on the page. Something like: “Welcome {firstname}!”

You can easily do this like so: ” Welcome [memb_contact fields=”FirstName”] ”

This is just an example. All of Memberium’s personalization shortcodes work so feel free to create as simple or as advanced pages as needed.

Showing & Hiding OptimizePress Elements with Memberium

Showing and hiding different parts of the page based on what tags the member has in ActiveCampaign is possible using Memberium + OptimizePress.

This is done by wrapping the element or section with a Memberium Conditional Display Shortcode.

In the example above, I’ve protected my “Gold Member Bonus” section by putting in the [memb_has_membership] shortcode.

OptimizePress offers the ability to add code before and after an element which let’s us take advantage of how Memberium’s content protection shortcodes work.

In the example, I used [memb_has_membership] but any of the conditional shortcodes would work here.

If you have any questions about this integration, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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