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What can you build with Memberium?

Memberium can be used to build a wide range of dynamic membership sites for many different uses.
Here’s a few examples of the different types of sites that you can build with Memberium…




Create Automated Membership Sites


Sell Online Courses & Create Online Course Portals


Build Private Employee Training Sites


Build Affiliate Partner Resource Sites


Create Customer Self Management Areas, Account Management Areas


Protect Video, Audio and All Types of WordPress Content With One Click


Sell and Fulfill Digital Product Orders With ActiveCampaign™ & WordPress


Connect ActiveCampaign to WordPress & Start Building Your Own Automated Membership Site

Memberium lets you easily use all of the automated features available in ActiveCampaign to manage and control access to content on your WordPress site.

Easily turn any normal WordPress site into a full featured membership site that’s connected to ActiveCampaign. Be able to take advantage of ActiveCampaign’s automation features in WordPress & start your own self automated membership site today!


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